Celtic Marker Modal Haplotype (DNA Information of tne Celtic Tribes)

Haplotype: (R1b1a2) R1b (M269) P310-L11/DF27*S28/PF6570 / R-M269 (R1b) L11/DF27/S250 (M153)*S28/U152/PF6570

• S28/U152/PF6570 Italian Celtic (North Of Italy / Italian Peninsula).

• DF27/S250 Basque (Gascony And Vascongadas, Navarre) And Galician-Portuguese (Iberian Peninsula).

Haplogroups And Clades / Subclades: (R1b1a2) R1b (M269) P310-L11/DF27/S250*S28/U152/ PF6570 R-M269 (R1b) L11/DF27/S250 (M153)*S28/U152 || (R1b1a2a1a2b) R-M269 (R1b) P310-L11/DF27/S250 (M153)*S28/U152/PF6570 || (R1b1a2a1a2a) R1b (M269) P310-L11/DF27/PF6570 (M153)*S28 /U152/PF6570.

(R1b1a2a1a2b) R1b (M269) P310-L11/DF27/S250 (M153) *S28/U152/PF6570. - S28/U152/PF6570: Italy (Italian Celtic; Cisalpine Gaul And Transalpine Gaul), Wales, Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Germany, Austria, Poland And Switzerland. - DF27/S250 Gascon (Basque) Iberian (Basque Country / Euskal Herría [Eusquel Erria | Eusquel Erriau | Heuscal Herrian | Heuscal-Herrian] And Gallaecia / Calecia [The Small Gaul, Spain And Great Part Of Portugal]). The Basque People Are Protoceltic Or Pre-Celts (Old / Ancient Celtic People) In Europe.

(R1b1a2a1a2a) R1b (M269) P310-L11 /DF27 /S250 (M153)*DF27 /S250. DF27 / S250 (M153): Basque Country or Euskadi (Basques [Part of Spain]: Álava, Vizcaya, Guipúzcoa And Navarra. Gascon [Gascony/Gasconha/Gascogne/Gaskoini [Part Of France]: Labourd, Lower Navarre And Soule).

(Mtdna) Mitocondrial Haplogroup H In Europe, North Of Africa And The Middle East. The Subclades.

• Santi Family: H1av (Found In Great Britain, Brittany [Gallo-Britanno Celts And Italo-Celtic-Germanic] And Among The Basques).

• Pereiro Family: H3k (Found In The British Isles And Northern Spain). My Ethnic Origin: Celt, Celtic (Gaelic, Gallic, Gaul, Galli Or Galus, Gaelg, Gailck, Gael, Goidel, Gaulish, Gaidheal / Gaedheal, Walxisk-Walhisk Or Welsch)

Cisalpine Gaul Or Gallia Citerior [Also Called Gallia Togata, Gallia Transpadana, Gallia Cispadana (Meaning: On The Far Side Of The Alps)] ||Nearest / Most Here [On This Side Of The Alps, To The North Of Rome = North Of Italy] || And Transalpine Gaul (Gallic [Gallus] Italian Origin), North Of Italy [Piedmont, Lombardy, Trentino Alto Adiggio |Trento|, Liguria, Lombardia, Veneto, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Aosta Valley, Emilia-Romagna, {Le} Marche]; South Of France [Provence, Rosellon, Rhone, Midi Or Miegjorn]). Aquitaine Or Akitania (Also With The Name Of Guyenne Or Gascony) |Euskadi Or Euskal Herria|. Basque Origin [Basque Country, Part Of Spain] |Duchy Of Vasconia Or Aquitaine, Part Of France]). Castella Or Castiella (Autonomous Community Of Castile [Castilla] And Leon, Autonomous Community Of Castile [Castilla]-La Mancha). Galicia (Galician Origin, The Ancient Gallaecia Or Gaia [La Coruña, Pontevedra, Orense, Lugo]) And Lusitania (Portugal: Portugal [Gal = Wales Or Galway]). Extrema Dorii (Extremadura: "Ends Of The River Duero / Douro, Or "Rather "At The Far End" Of The Duero / Douro, Making Reference To Its Position To The South Of This River). Gallia Comata (Long Haired Gaul; Gallia Aquitania, Gallia Belgica, Gallia Lugdunensis). Britania Or Britannia |Britonia, Bretonia| (Great Britain / United Kingdom [England, Wales [Galway], Cornwall |Cornowii, Cornovii, Curnow, Kernow | [In Spanish Is “Cornualles”], Scotland And Ireland]).

Celtic And / Protoceltic Tribes (Galátai / Galátes | Keltoi Keltai Kelts Keltic [Seltic] Kelticists Celticists Keltists Celtists).

Oldest Place Of Origin Or Provenance: Isle Of Man / Mann (Great Britain / United Kingdom): Britons Or Brythons (Brythonic). Southern France And Northern Italy; Cisalpine Gaul Or Gallia Citerior (Piedmont, Lombardy, Trento / Trentino Alto Adiggio) Provence, Rhone, Midi, Roussillon), Transalpine Gaul (Liguria): Italian Gauls Or Gallo-Roman (Italian Celts / Italian Celtic). Ancient Galia / Gaul (France): Gauls, Breton. Galicia: Gallaeci / Callaeci. Asturias: Pesicos, Tiburos, Gigurros. Santander Or Cantabria: Santones / Sanntones Or Sanntonos (Probably The Following Tribes: Avariginos, Tamaricos / Camaricos, Concanos, Coniscos, Orgenomescos, Blendios, Vadinienses). Castile: Varduli, Pelendones, Vaccaes Or Vaccayos. Extremadura: Vettones / Vetones. Portugal: Turdulos. Basque Country: Bascunes Or Bascunes (Barskunes), Varduli Or Barduli, Caristios, Autrigones, The Keras / Keratos Tribe (Keras / Keratos Means Horn Or Antler).

Another Surnames / Last Names In My Family Of The Celt / Celtic Origin:

Cherro (Pérez) Family: -R1b1a2 R1 (M343/PF6242) | R-M343 (PF6242) (R1b) S145-L21-M529 | (R1b1a2a1a2c) R-M343 (PF6242) (R1b) S145-L21-M529

• L21/S145/M529: Atlantic Celtic Branch And Gallo-Britanno Celts.

(Mtdna) Mitrocondrial Haplogroup H In Europe, North Of Africa And Middle East. The Subclades.

• Cherro Family; H3a: Found In North-West Europe.

• Perez Family; H3b: Found In The British Isles And Catalonia.