Cemeteries in McCormick County, South Carolina, USA


The list of cemeteries was obtained from the hard work of the McCormick County Historical Society, from a South Carolina DNR Wildlife Management Area Map obtained on November 24, 2001 and from direct observation and knowledge.

The main county roads in McCormick are numbered and contain a prefix "S-33", "S" being for South Carolina, and 33 since McCormick is the thirty-third county in the state. After the prefix, the county roads are numbered in an apparently random fashion. For example, S-33-273 is a half- mile road connecting S-33-167 and S-33-60. In order to help those who are not intimately familiar with the county, all directions will begin from the central intersection (i.e. "Downtown") in the Town of McCormick. That central intersection is the meeting point of: SC-28 (State Highway 28) from the NW; US-378 from the SW; US-221 and SC-28 from the SE; and US-221 and US-378 from the NE. As of the date of writing this introductory information, 8 December 2001, there is a committee which has been formed to replace the numbered county roads with named roads. It is unclear when or if the proposed changes, (when or if the proposal is made,) will take effect.

Road update: As of 17 December 2003, the roads in the county have been assigned names, which replace the numbers.

Cemetery list[]