Charles Edward Ensko I
Ensko-Charles 1916a.jpg
Sex: Male
Birth: April 29, 1880 (1880-04-29) (142 years ago)
Manhattan, New York
Death: November 24, 1952 (age 72)
Levittown, Pennsylvania
Father: William Arthur Ensko II (1850-1889)
Mother: Eloise Lindauer I (1852-1944)
Spouse/Partner: Elizabeth Dempster MacIlwraith (1890-1987)
Marriage: June 29, 1918
104 years ago
Manhattan, New York
Children: Charles Edward Ensko II (1921-2004)
Eloise Ensko II (1925-1993)

Charles Edward Ensko I (1880-1952) and Elizabeth Dempster MacIlwraith (1890-1987) circa 1950

Funeral notice

Charles Edward Ensko I (1880-1952) was the United States manager for the Hunyadi János Mineral Water Company of Budapest, Hungary. (b. April 29, 1880; New York City, New York, USA - d. November 24, 1952; Levittown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA)



He was born on April 29, 1880.

Hunyadi János[]

He was the US manager for the Hunyadi János Mineral Water Company of Budapest, Hungary.


On October 20, 1916 he applied for a passport to visit Budapest. On January 13, 1917, he was returning to the United States, first-class, aboard the twin screw Steamer "Noordam" going from Rotterdam in the Netherlands to New York.


On June 29, 1918 he married Elizabeth Dempster MacIlwraith (1890-1987) in Manhattan and his marriage certificate number is "19630".


World War II[]

He registered for the "old man's" draft in 1942. He was 5' 8" and 160 pounds. He had a body mass index of 24.3.


He died in 1952 and his funeral notice appeared in the New York Times on November 24, 1952, on page 23: "Ensko - Charles Edward, Sr. at Levittown, Pennsylvania, beloved husband of Elizabeth McIlwraith Ensko, devoted father of Eloise Ensko Higgins and Charles Ensko, Jr. Services at "The Universal Chapel." Lexington Avenue at 52nd Street on Wednesday, November 26, 1952 at 11 a.m."

Memories about Charles Edward Ensko I[]

  • According to Eloise Ensko Higgins (1950): "They were having a birthday party for me in Levittown and he said he was feeling tired. He went to lay down in a bedroom and he never woke up. He dated his future wife for 10 years before they married".
  • Charles Edward Ensko II (1921-2004) said: "My father was [nine] years old when his own father died. My father studied bookkeeping and he worked for a company in Germany and in Hungary. The company, Hunyadi Janos sold mineral water. The owner was Hungarian and the business did well. The New York office was around Houston Street. My father was there from about 1900 or 1910 and he got a gold watch for his 10 year anniversary that I still have. My dad took over the agency when his boss retired. The Hungarian guy paid him $80 per week and told him to 'always give everyone a weeks pay for Christmas'. During WWI the company had trouble and my father took a boat over to Hungary and I have the papers from the trip. He came back just before war was declared. The business was confiscated by the government as alien property. After the war hyperinflation destroyed the Mark and the business went under. Then he worked as a bookkeeper for Robert Ensko in his silver business. He retired from there around 1947 or 1948."

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