Charles William Curtis was born July 1809 in Castle Hill, New South Wales, Australia to Henry Curtis (c1780-1853) and Jane Walker (c1766-1838) and died 16 May 1886 Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia of senile decay, bronchitis. He married Sarah Ann Emma Fuller (1815-1880) 19 July 1830 in Saint John's, Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia.


Offspring of Charles William Curtis and Sarah Ann Emma Fuller (1815-1880)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Grace Elizabeth Curtis (1831-1869)
Jane Curtis (1832-1884) 8 August 1832 Castle Hill, New South Wales, Australia 27 August 1884 Waterloo, New South Wales, Australia Thomas New (c1827-1914)
Sarah Emma Curtis (1834-1916)
Lydia Ann Curtis (1835-1909)
Mary Ann Curtis (1837-1906)
Phoebe Curtis (1838-1892)
George Walter Curtis (1839-1841)
Catherine Curtis (1842-1906)
Henry Edward Curtis (1843-c1915)
Charles William Curtis (1844-1868)
John Walker Curtis (1846-1911)
Isabella Rosina Maria Curtis (1848-c1914)
Martha Curtis (1850-1924)
George Curtis (1852-1914)
Priscilla Dorcas Curtis (1854-c1918)
Annie Curtis (1856-c1927)

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