Christian or Christina Keith was born 1512 in Keith, East Lothian, Scotland, United Kingdom to Robert Keith, Master of Marischal (c1483-c1525) and Elizabeth Douglas (c1488-1527) . She married Robert Arbuthnott (1508-1579) . Robert I of Scotland (1274-1329)/s.



Offspring of Christian Keith and Robert Arbuthnott (1508-1579)  ¢
Name Birth Death Joined with
Andrew Arbuthnott of that ilk (1533-1606)
John Arbuthnot of Monynes (c1534-)
Christian Arbuthnott (c1535-1583) 1535 Scotland, United Kingdom 1583 William Warrender (1509-1558) William Warrender (1509-1558) George Symmer (c1533-1583)
Alexander Arbuthnot, 1st in Pitcarles and of Auchterforfar (c1540-1614)
(6 others)

According to the book Sampson Stewart, His Royal Ancestors and Some of his Descendants by Sidney Wright Blount, the daughter of Lord Robert Keith and Elizabeth Douglas was Christian Keith, d. 1553, m. Robert Arbuthnott, d. 1579. Their daughter Christian Arbuthnott m. William Warrender of Balchristie. Their daughter was Elizabeth Warrender m. before 1576 James Finley, b. 1530, d. 1597, also of royal and baronial descent. Their son John Finley, b. 1579, d. 1670, m. (2) 1630 Sarah Craigie of Inchervie, co. Fife. Their daughter Judith Finley m. William Stewart of Ardigon, Killyleagh parish, co. Down, Ireland, b. ca. 1670, reported to be a descendant of Mary, Queen of Scots.

This article, in early November 2017, showed Mr Warrender marrying Christian Keith, not her daughter Christian Arbuthnott. is closer to the abovementioned book. Birth dates have persuaded a move to follow Geni and Mr Blount and (thanks to User:Thurstan)


Guy Davis-compiled information and converted it into article format.

This is one of the weak links in gmfindley's family tree. With a birth date in 1512, and no dates on Christine (The only child listed on gmfindley's tree), and the grandaughter of Christian (Elizabeth Warrender (1530-1597)) is a solid record and she was born only 18 years after her "grandmother" means that both Christian and Christine each had their respective children at age 8... I am going to operate on the assumption that "Christine" is another name for "Christian" And that maybe this is a split record. Of course, that does put in question the entire problem with their respective husbands... which was the real husband? Or were these both two separate marriages, with only one producing Elizabeth? Because the data comes from only one tree I'm reluctant to assume this is one record and delete the other one just in case. But the evidence is overwhelming, so I'm making the "Christine" Entry anyway just in case. If research later confirms my theory, we can jut cut that entry free. Guy

If the above theory is correct, then this individual is known by both "Christine" and "Christian", though "Christian" is the name found in many records (and the spelling "Christine" was virtually unknown in Scotland in that period).


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  • Sampson Stewart, His Royal Ancestors and Some of his Descendants by Sidney Wright Blount.



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  • Possible confusion between Warrenders; see text.
  • Christian Keith at thePeerage - which says she had four sons and four daughters to Robert Arbuthnott but lists only Andrew and makes no mention of Warrender
  • Christian Keith (1512-1553) at Genealogics - showing only one marriage and one child (Andrew); citing Burke's Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Peerage, Baronetage and Knightage, London, 1938, page 141, 1459
  • - "circa 1505" - "July 12, 1553 (44-52) Arbuthnott, Kincardineshire, Scotland (Buried before burial date.)" - and lists nine children: John (1533-), Andrew (1533-), Jean (1535-), Christian (c1535-) (who married William Warrender), Agnes (c1537-), Alexander (1539-), Isabel (1543-), Robert (1546-), and Dau (c1548) - those that produced children should be given separate pages here
  • - see person B.AA.
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