Christian Messerly
Sex: Male
Birth: c1832
Death: 2 Mar 1886, Winamac IN [1]
Father: Samuel Messerly (c1794)
Mother: Elizabeth Messerly (c1805)
Spouse/Partner: Lucinda Messerly (1834) [2]

Christian Messerly Christian marries to Lucinda, has 4 children in Ohio then moves his family to Indiana between 1861 and 1864.

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Documentation notes[]

  • In the 1870 Census, A "Christan Messerly" is head of household, a blacksmith born ohio, age 45 Indiana > Pulaski > Monroe.
    • Wife Lucinda 35 born ohio, as are Emma 16, Arthur 14, Charles 12, Jennie 9, born in IN are Maude 6, and leora May " 4/12" (4 months?).
  • 1870, Lucinda Messerly- Monroe, Pulaski, Indiana
  • In the 1880 Census, Christian Messerley age 56 is in Winamac, Pulaski, Indiana.
    • Lucinda is age 40, Jennie age 18, Maude age 16, Cora age 8 Effey age 6. Mike Cusis age 40
  • In the 1880 Census there is a C.C. Messerly born ohio age 22 as a boarder/tenant in Indiana > Fulton > Rochester > District 41. At this age, could be son Charles.
  • Died at age 61 on 2 Mar 1886 according to Indiana deaths [3]
  • 1900 Census, Lucinda Messerly is in Monroe, Pulaski, Indiana age 65 with Artha R. Bruce (f) (head)(44YO), Maude messerly (33) (sister), Charles O. Bruce (23YO) (son). Artha and Maude list there Father as from Germany. (Very few messerli's from Germany, but it is possible- One would think that Lucinda would know what country her husband was born in.)
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Name Birthdate Birthplace Death date Death place
Children of Christian Messerly (c1832) and Lucinda Messerly
Emma Messerly 1854 Ohio
Artha Messerly (1856) (f) 1856 Ohio
Charles Messerly (1859) June 1859 Ohio
Jennie Messerly 1861 Ohio
Maude Messerly August 1866 Indiana
Cora May Messerly 1870 Indiana

Source- 1850,1870,1880 Census


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  2. ^ 1900 census gives December 1834 as Lucinda's birthdate
  3. ^ Ibid, Indiana state records.