Christina Ingesdotter Stenkil of Sweden was born on an unknown date to Inge I of Sweden (-c1105) and Helena of Sweden (-aft1105) and died 1122 of unspecified causes. She married Mstislav I Vladimirovich of Kiev (1076-1132) 1095 JL .

Christina Ingesdotter of Sweden in her deathbed, with her husband (Mstislav I) next to her; Death of Daniil Yureviski; March of courtesans and bishops

Princess Christina Ingesdotter of Sweden (Swedish: Kristina Ingesdotter) (11th century – 18 January 1122) was a Swedish princess and a princess consort of Veliky Novgorod, Rostov and Belgorod, by marriage to Grand Prince of Kiev Mstislav Vladimirovich.


Christina was the daughter of King Inge the Elder of Sweden and Queen Helena.[1] Helena was the sister of Blot-Sven King of Sweden. She was likely the eldest of the three royal daughters, being married before her sisters Margaret and Catherine.

Christine was married to Mstislavv, who was Prince of Veliky Novgorod, Prince of Rostov, and Prince of Belgorod-Kievsky during their marriage, thereby giving her the equivalent titles. According to Vasily Tatishchev they married in 1095. Polish historian Dariusz Dąbrowski stated that Tatischev didn't base on reliable source. Christina married Mstislav between 1090 and 1096.[1]

The personal seal of Christina has been found by archaeologists, depicting a woman with a crown and the aureola of a saint and the inscription "Saint Christina" in Greek.[2] Princess Christina is suggested to have been depicted as Saint Christina in the Nereditsa Church, which has been interpreted as a sign that she may have been worshiped as a local saint. [3]

Her father, king Inge the Elder, died in 1110, and was succeeded on the Swedish throne by his nephews. Living in Rus', Christina was in Sweden counted as too far away to be given a share in the inheritance of her father, leaving only her younger sisters queen Margaret Fredkulla of Denmark and Catherine Ingesdotter of Sweden as their fathers heirs.[4] However, it is known that Margaret shared her inheritance with her niece Ingrid in Norway, and her niece Ingeborg in Denmark, giving them a 4th each: Ingeborg was the daughter of Christina and ht only one of her children residing in Scandinavia, living in Denmark after her marriage to a Danish prince some years later, which could be counted as a share in the inheritance after her mother, Christina.[5]

Christina died on 18 January 1122.[1] Three years after her death, her spouse Mstislav became Grand Prince of Kiev.


Christina and Mstislav had ten children:

  1. Vsevolod Mstislavich
  2. Izyaslav II of Kiev
  3. Ingeborg of Kiev, married Canute Lavard of Jutland, and was mother to Valdemar I of Denmark
  4. Evpraksiya of Kiev, married Alexius Comnenus, son of John II Comnenus
  5. Malmfred, married (1) Sigurd I of Norway; (2) Eric II of Denmark
  6. Maria Mstislavna, married Vsevolod II of Kiev
  7. Rostislav of Kiev
  8. Rogneda, married Yaroslav Svyatopolchich
  9. Svyatopolk Mstislavich
  10. Kseniya, married Bryachislav of Izyaslavl


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Offspring of Mstislav I Vladimirovich of Kiev (1076-1132) and Christina Ingesdotter of Sweden
Name Birth Death Joined with
Vsevolod Mstislavich of Pskov (c1095-1138) 1095 Veliky Novgorod, Novgorod Oblast, Russia February 1138 Pskov, Pskov Oblast, Russia Unnamed daughter of Svyatoslav Davydovich (c1103-c1160)
Ingeborg Mstislavna of Kiev (c1100-c1145) 1100 1140 Knud Lavard (1096-1131)
Izyaslav II Mstislavich of Kiev (c1097-1154) 1097 13 November 1154 Agnes of the Holy Roman Empire (c1116-1151)
Evpraksiya Mstislavna of Kiev (c1102-c1135) 1102 1140 Alexios Komnenos (1106-1142)
Malmfred Mstislavna of Kiev (c1105-c1140) 1105 Sigurd I of Norway (c1090-1130)
Eric II of Denmark (c1090-1137)
Maria Mstislavna of Kiev (c1108-c1155) 1108 1155 Vsevolod II Olgovich of Kiev (1094-1146)
Rostislav Mstislavich of Kiev (c1110-1167) 1110 14 March 1167
Rogneda Mstislavna of Kiev (c1112-c1159) 1112 1159 Yaroslav Svyatopolkovich of Volhynia (c1091-1123)
Svyatopolk Mstislavich of Volhynia (c1115-1154) 1115 20 February 1154 Eufimia of Olomouc (1115-c1170)
Kseniya Mstislavna of Kiev (c1118-c1160)


Offspring of Inge I of Sweden (-c1105) and Helena of Sweden (-aft1105)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Christina Ingesdotter of Sweden (c1080-1122) 1122 Mstislav I Vladimirovich of Kiev (1076-1132)
Katarina of Sweden (c1100-) 1100 Björn Haraldsen Ironside of Denmark (-1134)
Margaret Fredkulla of Sweden (c1085-1130) 1085 4 November 1130 Niels of Denmark (c1065-1134)
Ragnvald of Sweden (-)


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