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Werawera (c1750-)Kimihia (c1730-)Waitohi (c1730-)
Elizabeth Abel (c1754-1817)William Abel (c1715-1770)Martha Unknown (c1715-1778)
William Roberts Abell (1755-1839)David Abell (1722-1781)Alice Roberts (1720-1784)
Benjamin Adair (1752-1823)Joseph Adair (1711-1788)Sarah Laferty (1715-1767)
Edward Adair (1756-1800)James Adair (1714-1796)Eleanor Adair (1726-1803)
Elizabeth Adair (1756-1823)
Hannah Adair (1759-1810)James Adair (1714-1796)Eleanor Adair (1726-1803)
Hannah Adair (1750-1826)
James Adair (1748-1818)James Adair (1714-1796)Eleanor Adair (1726-1803)
James Adair (1752-1818)
John Adair (1754-1815)James Adair (1714-1796)Eleanor Adair (1726-1803)
John Adair (1757-1840)William Adair (c1718-1812)Mary Moore (1729-1797)
Joseph Adair (1745-1820)James Adair (1714-1796)Eleanor Adair (1726-1803)
Laferty Adair (c1760-)James Adair (1714-1796)Eleanor Adair (1726-1803)
Sarah Adair (c1754-1788)Joseph Adair (1711-1788)Sarah Laferty (1715-1767)
Chester Adams (1754-1829)Isaac Adams (1696-1757)Eleanor Adams (1712-1784)
Daniel Adams (1750-1832)Thomas Adams (1726-1773)Mary Partridge (1726-1826)
Hannah Adams (1756-1821)Samuel Adams (1722-1803)Elizabeth Wells (1735-1808)
Hannah Adams (1755-1831)Thomas Adams (1725-1812)Elizabeth Clark (1734-1767)
Samuel Adams (1752-1838)James Adams (1715-1755)Rebecca Fairbanks (1723-1792)
Jacqui Agassiz (1756-1830)
John Alden (1759-1839)
Thomas Allen (1755-1842)Thomas Allen (1728-1798)Elizabeth Christophers (1714-1787)
John Allinson (1755-1831)Thomas Allinson (1712-)Rachel Edmundson (1712-)
William Allred (1756-1808)Thomas Allred (1730-1809)Elizabeth Twiggs (1732-1827)
Deborah Altman (1752-1820)Jared Altman (1720-1802)Hana Chapiro (1725-1800)
Phillip Ament (1755-1836)Philip AmentSusannah Margaret Forrisen
Elizabeth Anderson (1760-1832)
John Andrews (1752-)Jehiel Andrews (1720-1812)Sarah Cook (1720-1779)
Nathaniel Andrews (1756-1834)Andrew Andrews (1719-1792)Elizabeth Dunbar (1729-1792)
Susannah Andrews (1755-1792)John Andrews (c1720-1754)Agnes Clinkard (1721-1806)
Helena Margaretha Ansink (c1760-1821)
Marijtje Appelman (1752-1812)Gerrit Appelman (1705-1781)Willempje aan de Noorderdijk (c1714-1753)
Daniel Appleton (1751-1828)Samuel Appleton (1713-1780)Mary Russell (1716-1803)
Joseph Appleton (1751-1795)Isaac Appleton (1704-1794)Elizabeth Sawyer (1709-1785)
Sarah Wentworth Apthorp (1759-1846)James Apthorp (1731-1799)Sarah Wentworth (1735-1820)
Samuel Arbuthnot (1759-1844)
William Ernest Archer (1754-1833)John Archer (c1727-1765)Mary Bazell (c1731-)
Susannah Ardery (1759-1831)James Ardery (1735-1793)Sarah Unknown (-1814)
Sarah Armitage (1756-1820)Samuel Armitage (1716-1801)Mary Harvey (1722-1817)
John Armstrong (1758-1843)John Armstrong (1717-1795)Rebecca Lyon Armstrong (1719-1797)
Thomas Arndell (1753-1821)Anthony Arndell (bef1753)Elizabeth Harris (bef1753)
Sarah Ann Arnold (1753-1803)Edward Arnold (1713-1776)Hannah Sheldon (1692-1780)
William Arnold (c1751-1831)
Martha Atkins (1758-1840)Joshua Atkins (1725-1801)Martha Harding (1726-1758)
David Atwood (1758-1817)Timothy Atwood (1731-1820)Susannah Harding (1744-1791)
Samuel Auber (1750-1827)Samuel Auber (c1720-)Susannah Durham (c1721-1815)
Rebecca Nancy Austin (1753-1793)David Austin (1732-1801)Mary Mix (1734-1781)
Simeon Avery (1759-1803)Charles Avery (1730-1774)Abigail Post (1733-1774)
Regimalech Baker Ayers (c1750-)Nathaniel Ayers (1699-1777)Rhoda Ayers (c1700-c1809)
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