Cornish Canadians
Canadien cornouallais
Cornwall Canada
Total population
Regions with significant populations
The Maritimes,  Ontario and  British Columbia

Canadian English and Cornish


Protestantism, Roman Catholicism

Related ethnic groups

Cornish, English Canadians

Cornish Canadians are Canadians of Cornish descent, including those who were born in Cornwall. The number of Canadian citizens of Cornish descent cannot be determined through census statistics, though speculative estimates place the population as high as 20,000.


It is recorded that the first Cornish to reach what is now Canadian soil did in the 16th century, reaching the coast of Newfoundland, part of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Notable people[]

  • Frank Andrews (1854-after 1890), member of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly
  • Elizabeth Arden (1878-1966), businesswoman
  • Arthur James Bater (1889-1969), MP for The Battlefords
  • Truman Smith Baxter (1867-1931), mayor of Vancouver
  • Rick Blight (1955-2005), hockey player
  • Marie Bottrell (born 1961), country music singer
  • Frederick Buscombe (1862-1938), Mayor of Vancouver
  • Dick Cherry (born 1937), hockey player
  • Don Cherry (born 1934), hockey player and commentator
  • Dean Chynoweth (born 1968), hockey player
  • Ed Chynoweth (1941-2008), hockey owner
  • H. P. P. Crease (1823-1905), member of the British Columbia Supreme Court
  • William Dennis (1856-1920), member of the Senate of Canada
  • Claude Ernest Dolman (1906-1994), scientist
  • John Eyre (1824-1871), member of the Ontario Legislative Assembly
  • Thomas Greenway (1838-1908), Premier of Manitoba
  • Wilfred Grenfell (1865-1940), Episcopal missionary
  • W.O. Hamley (1818-1907), civil and naval officer
  • Derek Holman (born 1931), composer
  • Arthur Lobb (1871-1928), member of the Manitoba Legislative Assembly
  • Samuel A. Mitchell (1874-1960), astronomer
  • R. J. M. Parker (1881-1948), Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan
  • Robert Parkyn (1862-1939), member of the Alberta Legislative Assembly
  • James Pascoe (1863-1931), member of the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly
  • J. Ernest Pascoe (1900-1972), Member of Parliament for Moose Jaw—Lake Centre
  • Nigel Pengelly (1925-2010), member of the Alberta Legislative Assembly
  • Robert Terrill Rundle (1811-1896), Methodist missionary
  • John Teague (1833-1902), architect and mayor of Victoria
  • Francis W. Thomas (1834-1900), banker and philanthropist
  • John Tucker Williams (1789-1854), naval officer
  • Victor Williams (1867-1949), general
  • James Yeo. Sr. (1789-1868), member of the Prince Edward Island Legislative Assembly
  • James Yeo, Jr. (1827-1903), Member of Parliament for Prince County
  • John Yeo (1837-1924), Member of Parliament for East Prince

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Further reading[]

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