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Cunegonde di Friuli was born circa 893 to Eberhard di Friuli (c865-) and Ermentrud (875-914) and died after 923 of unspecified causes. She married Wigerich de Lorraine (c880-c919) 909 JL . She married Rucuin de Verdun (?-923) 922 JL . Charlemagne (747-814).


Offspring of Cunegonde di Friuli and Wigerich de Lorraine (c880-c919)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Frederick of Bar (?-978) 978 Beatrice de France (c938-aft987)
Adalberon of Metz (?-962) 962
Gilbert of the Ardennes (?-964)
Sigebert de Lorraine (?-?)
Gozlin of Bidgau (?-942) 942 Uda von Metzgau (905-963)
Siegfried von Luxemburg (c922-998) 922 15 August 998 Hedwig von Nordgau (937-992)
Luitgard de Lorraine (915-960) 915 8 April 960 Adalbert I. von Metz (?-944) Adalbert I. von Metz (?-944) Eberhard von Egisheim (?-972)


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