Cutha of Wessex was born 540 in Wessex to Cynric of Wessex (-560) and died 584 Fretherne, Wessex of unspecified causes.


Cutha of Wessex - born c. 540, was younger brother to Caewlin of Wessex (-593), and fought several battles with him. He died at the Battle of Fretherne in 584. (See House of Wessex family tree).

Cutha's sons would overthrow their cousin in 592 to gain the throne of Wessex.

Anglo Saxon Chronicles[]

Source: Online Medieval and Classical Library Part 1 (400-750 AD)

  • AD 568: This year Ceawlin, and Cutha the brother of Ceawlin, fought with Ethelbert, and pursued him into Kent. And they slew two aldermen at Wimbledon, Oslake and Cnebba.
  • AD 577: This year Cuthwin and Ceawlin fought with the Britons, and slew three kings, Commail, and Condida, and Farinmail, on the spot that is called Derham, and took from them three cities, Gloucester, Cirencester, and Bath.
  • AD 584: This year Ceawlin and Cutha fought with the Britons on the spot that is called Fretherne. There Cutha was slain. And Ceawlin took many towns, as well as immense booty and wealth. He then retreated to his own people.


Offspring of Cutha of Wessex and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Ceol of Wessex (-597)
Ceolwulf of Wessex (-611)

  1. Ceol of Wessex (-597) - usurped the throne from his cousin Cuthwine (c565-) to become King of Wessex.
  2. Ceolwulf of Wessex (-611) - succeeded his brother as King of Wessex, because his nephew was too young to reign.


Offspring of Cynric of Wessex (-560) and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Caewlin of Wessex (-593) 593 Wessex
Cutha of Wessex (c540-584) 540 Wessex 584 Fretherne, Wessex