Daniel Appleton was born 10 December 1785 in Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts, United States to Daniel Appleton (1751-1828) and Lydia Ela (1747-1826) and died 27 March 1849 New York City, New York, United States of unspecified causes. He married Hannah Adams (1791-1859) 4 May 1813 in North Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts, United States.


Daniel Appleton' a noteworthy American publisher, founder of the New York Publishing firm D. Appleton & Co. He was a member of the Appleton Family of Boston Brahmin status.

He was born in Haverhill, Massachusetts. After a few years of schooling, he started a general store in Haverill. Later, he moved to Boston (business office at 21 Broad Street) where he sold dry-goods imported from England.[1] Finally, in 1825, he moved to New York where he gradually combined the importing of books with the dry-goods trade. The book department was placed in charge of William Henry Appleton, his eldest son. This was in Exchange Place.

Later, he moved to Clinton Hall, Beekman Street, and devoted himself to the importation and sales of books, abandoning his dry-goods business. He published his first book in 1831. He gradually diversified. In 1841, he began offering children's books. In 1845, he began sending books to Latin America which — despite his lack of contacts — turned out to be a good market for him due to its recent independence from Spain. His business in that region was enduring and profitable. In 1847, he started offering travel literature.

The firm which he established in New York City became known as D. Appleton & Co.. The publications of the house extend over the entire field of literature. The firm's New American Cyclopedia was for 50 years the largest and most widely circulated work of its kind ever produced in the United States. His company was continued by his descendants.

He retired in 1848, and died in New York City.

Marriage and Family[]

On December 18, 1813 Daniel married Hannah Adams (1791–1859) who bore him eight children:

  1. William Henry Appleton (1814-1899) - Succeeding leader of the D. Appleton Firm.
  2. Maria Louisa Appleton (31 March 1815 - ?); married James E. Cooley
  3. John Adams Appleton (9 January 1817 – 13 July 1881)[3][4]
  4. Charles Horatio Appleton (born 1 May 1819; died 24 January 1820)
  5. George Swett Appleton (1821-1878) - a scholar and art connoisseur, and acted as the literary adviser to the firm. Appletons' Art Journal and the Popular Science Monthly were planned by him.
  6. Daniel Sidney Appleton (born Boston, Massachusetts, 9 April 1824; died New York City, 12 November 1890)
  7. Samuel Frances Appleton (born Boston, Massachusetts, 26 April 1826; died New York City, 25 October 1883)
  8. Sarah Emeline Appleton (born 27 July 1829; died 3 February 1861)[5]


Offspring of Daniel Appleton and Hannah Adams (1791-1859)
Name Birth Death Joined with
William Henry Appleton (1814-1899) 27 January 1814 Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts 1899 Mary Moody Worthen (1823-)
Maria Louisa Appleton (1815-)
John Adams Appleton (1817-1881)
Charles Horatio Appleton (1819-1820)
George Swett Appleton (1821-1878) 11 August 1821 Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts 1878 Caroline Archer Osgood (1830-)
Daniel Sidney Appleton (1824-)
Samuel Frances Appleton (1826-)
Sarah E Appleton (1829-1861)


Offspring of Daniel Appleton (1751-1828) and Lydia Ela (1747-1826)
Name Birth Death Joined with
William Appleton (1776-)
Alice Appleton (1778-1842)
Abigail Appleton (1780-1853)
Samuel Appleton (1783-1787)
Daniel Appleton (1785–1849) 10 December 1785 Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts, United States 27 March 1849 New York City, New York, United States Hannah Adams (1791-1859)
Lydia Appleton (1787-1863)