Darya Andreyevna of Rostov was born 1364 to Andrei Fyodorovich of Rostov (1330-1409) and died 1410 of unspecified causes. She married Ivan Aleksandrovich of Rostov (c1362-c1420) .


Offspring of Andrei Fyodorovich of Rostov (1330-1409) and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Ivan Andreyevich of Rostov
Fyodor Andreyevich of Rostov
Yuri Andreyevich of Rostov (c1360-1413)
Konstantin Andreyevich of Rostov (c1362-1407)
Vera Andreyevna of Rostov (c1363-c1405) 1363 1405 Ivan Vladimirovich Bychkov-Rostov (c1362-c1415)
Darya Andreyevna of Rostov (c1364-c1410) 1364 1410 Ivan Aleksandrovich of Rostov (c1362-c1420)
Boris Andreyevich of Rostov
Mikhail Andreyevich of Rostov


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Darya was the daughter of prince Andrei Fyodorovich. Some time before the Battle of Kulikovo (1380) she ran away from her father's house and subsequently married her second cousin Ivan Aleksandrovich. Dressed as a man, she participated with her husband in the Battle of Kulikovo.