Davyd Rostislavich of Novgorod was born 1140 in Smolensk, Smolensk Oblast, Russia to Rostislav Mstislavich of Kiev (c1110-1167) and died 23 April 1197 Smolensk, Smolensk Oblast, Russia of unspecified causes.

Davyd Rostislavich (Cyrillic: Давыд Ростиславич) (1140 - 23 April 1197), Prince of Smolensk (1180–1197) was fourth son of Rostislav Mstislavich, Grand Prince of Kiev.

Davyd was born in 1140, Smolensk, son of Rostislav Mstislavich, Prince of Smolensk. During 1167 Davyd received the rule of the Principality of Vyshgorod. In 1171 Davyd was trying to put Vladimir III Mstislavich to a tron, and in the next year his brother Ryurik Rostislavich. In 1175 he together with Prince Oleg Svyatoslavich, was fighting in Chernigov and in next year lost the Battle of Rostovets (1176) against the Polovtsians. This battle mentioned in The Tale of Igor's Campaign.


David was born in Smolensk, in 1140 son of Rostislav Mstislavich, prince of Smolensk [1]. Moving from Smolensk to Kiev, Rostislav sent Davyd in 1154 to Novgorod, but the Novgorodians in January of the following year drove him away. In 1157, he again appears in Novgorod with his brother Svyatoslav and then after a campaign against the relatives of Rogvolod Rogvolodovich of Polotsk, occupies the throne in Torzhok (1158). But from here, at the request of the Novgorodians, Davyd was sent to Smolensk by his brother Svyatoslav (1160). In 1165, he took the throne of the Principality of Vitebsk, but in the following year he yielded to Vseslav Vasilkovich of Polotsk.

In the wake of 1167 in Kiev Mstislav Izyaslavich Davyd received the inheritance of the Principality of Vyshgorod. Davyd participated in the next year at the Princes Council of Kiev (1195), where it was decided to go to the Polovtsians , but for some reason he refused to participate, broke with the Grand Prince of Kiev and even in 1169 was at the capture of Kiev by the troops of Andrei I Yuryevich of Bogolyubovo. On the departure of the latter, Mstisla attacked Davydov, but the latter stayed in Vyshgorod and then burnt the city of Mikhailov, the last refuge of Mstisla's nephew, and Vasili Yaropolkovich (1170).

In 1171, Davyd took an active part in the enthroning in Kiev of Vladimir Mstislavich prince of Dorogobuzh, and the following year his brother, Ryurik. Since Davyd's recent actions went against the wishes of Andrei of Bogolyubovo, who sent his brother Mikhalko to Kiev, he suggested that the younger Rostislavichis retire to Berlad. A proud response to this proposal was the reason that Andrei of Bogolyubovo sent a huge army to Vyshgorod, which, however, after the nine-week siege of the city was broken (1173).

In 1175 he, together with Oleg Svyatoslavich, Prince of Starodub-Seversky, fought the Chernigov region and the following year he was defeated by the Polovtsians in the Battle of Rostovets. Svyatoslav Vsevolodovich demanded that Davyd, as the perpetrator of the defeat, should be deprived of inheriting the Grand Principality of Kiev. Davyd stayed for some time in Belgorodand after the death of his brother Roman moved to Smolensk (1180). All his seventeen-year reign here passed, on the one hand, in a continuous struggle with the Smolensk Veche, and the matter often reached serious uprisings, fatal for the Smolnyans, and on the other - in frequent wars with neighboring princes and Polovtsians. So in 1181 Davyd went to Drutka against the Olgovichi, in 1184 to the Polovtsians. In 1185, after the defeat in the steppes of Igor Svyatoslavich Novgorod-Seversky, he led his troops to help the southern princes against the Polovtsians who invaded Pereyaslavl and Posemye and settled in Trepol on the right bank of the Dnieper (on the road along the left bank of the river through the Vitichev ford to Kiev). The lack of further movement of Smolensk troops is usually interpreted by the researchers as "treason of David." When Svyatoslav and Ryurik crossed the Dnieper to the south, on the Zarub ford, entering the rear of the besieged Pereyaslavl Konchak Khan (c1120-c1203) , and he hastily retired, Davyd returned to Smolensk.

In 1186, Davyd went to Polotsk, in 1190 he fought with Svyatoslav Vsevolodovich, in 1195 he was defeated by the Olgovichi, who severely ruined Smolensk land and in 1196 was defeated near Vitebsk.

At first Davyd was a supporter and even a fan of Vsevolod Yuryevich, at first demand he sent his troops, then he noticed that he was only an instrument in Vsevolod's hands, which was especially revealed when the latter concluded peace with the descendants of Oleg Svyatoslavich of Chernigov in 1196, and began to prepare to an independent campaign, but died among preparations, having taken the monastic vows according to the custom of that time.

Davyd Rostislavich died on April 23, 1197, after him throne of the Principality of Smolensk throne was occupied by Mstislav Romanovich the elder.



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Offspring of Davyd Rostislavich of Novgorod and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Mstislav Davydovich of Vyshgorod (the elder) (c1163-1189) 1163 1189
Izyaslav Davydovich of Vyshgorod (c1165-c1185) 1165 1185
Vladimir Davydovich of Vyshgorod (c1167-c1187) 1167 1187
Unknown Davydovna of Smolensk (c1172-c1220) 1172 1220 Vasilko Bryachislavich of Vitebsk (c1165-c1216)

Offspring of Davyd Rostislavich of Novgorod and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Konstantin Davydovich (1184-c1218) 1184 1210
Unknown Davydovna of Smolensk (c1185-c1230) 1185 1230 Gleb Vladimirovich of Ryazan (c1180-1219)
Mstislav Davydovich of Smolensk (the younger) (1193-1230) 1193 1230
Rostislav Davydovich (c1195-c1240) 1195 1240


#g1: Offspring of Rostislav Mstislavich of Kiev (c1110-1167) and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Roman Rostislavich of Kiev (c1132-1180) 1132, 1180, Smolensk, Smolensk Oblast, Russia Mariya Svyatovlavna of Novgorod-Seversky (1140-1175)
Ryurik II Rostislavich of Kiev (c1137-1212) 1137, 1212, Anna Yuryevna of Turov (c1152-c1209)
Svyatoslav Rostislavich of Novgorod (c1139-1170) 1139, 1170, Nomen nescio
Davyd Rostislavich of Novgorod (1140-1197) 1140, Smolensk, Smolensk Oblast, Russia 23 April 1197, Smolensk, Smolensk Oblast, Russia
Mstislav Rostislavich of Novgorod (c1143-1180) 1143, 11 July 1180, Veliky Novgorod, Novgorod Oblast, Russia NN Yaroslavna of Halych (c1150-c1176) + Feodosya Glebovna of Ryazan (c1156-c1200)
Elena Rostislavna of Smolensk (c1145-c1195) , ,
Agafiya Rostislavna of Smolensk (c1147-c1210) 1147, 1210, Oleg Svyatoslavich of Novgorod-Seversky (c1137-1180)
Agrafena Rostislavna of Smolensk (c1165-1234) 1165, 1234, Igor Glebovich of Ryazan (c1154-1194)
Unnamed daughter (c1150-c1220) , ,


Davyd Rostislavich of Novgorod (1140-1197)
Born: 27 March 1196 Died: 3 February 1252
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Yaroslav II
Grand Prince of Vladimir
Succeeded by
Mikhail Khorobrit
Pretenders to the title
Preceded by
Yuri II
Grand Prince of Kiev
Succeeded by
Vasilko Romanovich
Preceded by
Yaroslav II
2nd in line to Grand Prince of Kiev
Succeeded by
Ivan Vsevolodovich

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