My name is Nicholas Brown,

Mounce Gore of Overton & Jackson County Tennesee is my great, great, great grandfather although it is not documented.  Mounce had two sons by my great, great, great grandmother Millie Gore was a negro slave woman born 1805 according too the Texas 1880 census. Her son name is Abraham (Abe) Gore, he is Mullatto , he is my great, great grandfather and the second son's  name was Henry Gore listed below.

Abraham Gore 46
Evaline Gore 36
Margaret Gore 19
Nancy M. Gore 17
Laura Gore 14
Jno. T. Gore 10
Millie A. Gore 8
Andy Gore 6
Rachel Gore 4
Ella Gore 2
Millie Gore


Henry Gore 34
Nettie Gore 31
Dick Crabtree 18
Bob Gore 5
Berry Crabtree 87
Jim Gore 17


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I am just wondering why their is no mention or an attempt to acknowledge the African American Decendants of Mounce Gore. Now,  I understand that they were Negro slave property of the Gore family Plantation. 

I have certain research that proves that Mounce L Gore Jr. purchased his two brothers as Property after the death of his father, Mounce Gore Sr.  He purchased Abe Gore for $1499.00 and purchased Henry Gore for $1200.00 Their mother,  Millie Gore, was purchased by Elendor or Ellenor Gore for $500.00, all purchases were made in or between the years 1859 - 1861 when Mounce Gores property was being settled. Now in between 1879 - 1880, after the census was taken,  Abraham Gore died and his wife (Evaline Evy Kinner Gore) and Abraham's mother,  Millie Gore,  packed up and moved from Jackson County Tennessee to Valley Mills Bosque County, Texas taking with them all of Abraham's children, except one daughter  Maggie Gore Gaines. She stayed in Tennessee, I have not been able too find out where Abraham is laid too rest  whether it is Tennessee or Texas. It would really be nice if more African American Heritage were allowed to be linked by the historical soceity of Tennessee and other White Historical soceities, as legitimate family members.

After all Millie Gore had several children by Mounce Gore. She was born abt. 1805 thats a pretty good early birth time frame for any Negro slave that shows documented proof on the Overton and Jackson County Census.  Even though, she was in fact slave Gore Property, her owner being Mounce Gore she had a relationship with him also whether by " force " or by Love it was done and we the decendants are here as proof.

Its just like Andrew Jackson who had children by Sally Hemings, her Negro decendants had to battle in Virginia County Courts for recognition and heritage acceptance. We are in the year 2013, our races were mixed together from way back by our Ancestors time and time again. We had nothing to do with the decisions made by our forefathers but we should do our best to bridge the family heritage gap by sharing information .