Colegiul Naţional "Dinicu Golescu"
Cm liceu
Negru Vodă Street no. 66
Câmpulung, Argeş County, Romania
Type Public
Established 1860
Number of students ca. 1,000

The Dinicu Golescu National College (Romanian: Colegiul Naţional Gheorghe Lazăr) is a high school located on Negru Vodă Street in Câmpulung, Argeş County, Romania. One of the most prestigious secondary education institutions in Wallachia, it was named after [[Dinicu Golescu (1777-1830) |Dinicu Golescu]], a man of letters.

The school was founded in 1894 and was first only a gymnasium, teaching the four classes of junior high school and was located in an old building, near the Radu Negru Monastery. In 1917 it was upgraded to a lyceum for boys having the name Dinicu Golescu Lyceum.

In 1925-1937 a new building for the high school, designed by architect Gheorghe Sachelarie was constructed. This building still houses the school.

The lyceum was known as one of the most prestigious in Romania. From 1921 to 1948 over 740 student graduated from this school.

After 1948, during the communist regime, a period of instability marked the development of the lyceum which successively was transformed into:

  • in 1948-1949 - the Nr. 1 Mixed Secondary School Câmpulung Muscel (Şcoala Medie Mixtă nr.1 Câmpulung Muscel;
  • in 1949-1950 - the Boys Lyceum (Liceul de Băieţi);
  • in 1950-1953 - the Nr. 1 Secondary School (Şcoala Medie nr.1);
  • in 1953-1956 - the Secondary School of 10 years (Şcoala Medie de 10 ani);
  • in 1956-1958 - the Mixer Secondary School (Şcoala Medie Mixtă);
  • in 1958-1976 - the Dinicu Golescu Lyceum (Liceul Dinicu Golescu);
  • in 1976-1982 - the Lyceum for Mathematics and Physics Dinicu Golescu (Liceul de matematica-fizica Dinicu Golescu);
  • in 1982-1990 - the Industrial Lyceum Dinicu Golescu (Liceul Industrial Dinicu Golescu).

After the fall of the communist regime, the school reverted to its initial scope and in 1990 was named again the Dinicu Golescu Lyceum. In 1999 it was upgraded and received its present name of National College Dinicu Golescu.

Notable alumni[]

  • Dimitrie Mataoanu sculptor.
  • Ionescu Berechet architect,
  • Eugen Proca professor.
  • Emil Botta actor.
  • Mircea Musatescu actor.
  • Grigore Luca profesor.
  • Vasile Nedelcu professor
  • Petre Sima professor
  • Gabriel Orman profesor


Coordinates: 45°15′53.34″N 25°2′26.31″E / 45.2648167, 25.0406417