Dmitry Yurievich Krasny ( Menshoy ) (1421-22 September 1440 ) - the youngest son of Grand Duke Yuri Dmitrievich and Princess Anastasia Yurievna Smolenskaya , the grandson of Grand Duke Dmitry Donskoi and Evdokia Dmitrievna (Euphrosyne of Moscow) .


For the first time heit was mentioned in the chronicles in 1433, when he participated in the march to Moscow with his father and brothers, as well as in connection with other disputes of relatives for the Moscow throne. He was a prince of Uglich , Bezhetsk and Galich in 1433 - 1440. Buried in the Cathedral of the Archangel, Moscow in the Moscow Kremlin.

Dmitry Yuryevich Krasnyi canonized by the Russian church , memory commemorates the celebration of the Council of the Tver Saints and the Council of All Russian Saints


Offspring of Yuri Dmitriyevich of Zvenigorod (1374-1434) and Anastasia Yuryevna of Smolensk (c1383-1422)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Ivan Yuryevich (c1403-c1463)
Vasili Yuryevich Kosoy (c1405-1448) 1405 Zvenigorod, Moscow Oblast, Russia 1448 Moscow, Russia Anastasiya Andreyevna of Radonezh (c1405-c1455)
Dmitri Yuryevich Shemyaka of Moscow (c1408-1453) 1408 17 July 1453 Novgorod, Novgorod Oblast, Russia Sophia Dmitriyevna of Zaozero (c1420-c1460)
Dmitri Yuryevich Krasnyi (c1412-1440) 1412 22 September 1440


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