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Dolná Krupá
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Mansion in Dolná Krupá

Dolná Krupá is located in Slovakia
Dolná Krupá
Location in Trnava Region

Dolná Krupá is located in Trnava Region
Dolná Krupá
Coordinates: 48°29′N 17°33′E / 48.483, 17.55
Country Flag of Slovakia.svg Slovakia
Region Trnava
District Trnava
Population (2004-12-31)
 • Total 2,229

Dolná Krupá is a village and commune of Trnava District in the Trnava region of Slovakia. It is located in the Danubian Hills at around 12 km from the city of Trnava.

The important sights in the village are:

  • the Saint Andrew church, built in 1807-1811
  • the Dolná Krupá mansion.

The Dolná Krupá mansion was one of the residences of the Chotek family. It was the place of the Dolná Krupá rosarium created by countess Marie Henrieta Chotek.

Dolna Krupa was the place where L. van Beethoven may have spent several summers invited by the family Brunswick. Josephine Brunswick is most likely the woman to whom the Letter to Immortal Lover was addressed. In Dolna Krupa, it is said that Beethoven composed the so-called "Moonlight" Sonata.

Famous people[]

  • John Dopyera, inventor of Dobro