Dorcas Billington May was born 1641 in Plymouth Colony, Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts to Francis Billington (1607-1684) and Christian Penn (1607-1684) and died 1711 Massachusetts of unspecified causes. She married Edward May (1646-1691) 1684 in Plymouth County, Massachusetts.

Dorcus Billington was born ca 1650 and died just after 08-Aug-1707 When her name appeared on a deed of conveyance. Aug. 10, 1661. She first married Edward Day. Edward died Aug. 10, 1691 in Plymouth, Ma. Dorcus was his second wife. I have not found reliable evidence of his first wife’s name. *Dorcus had given birth to an illegitimate son born ca 1672. Her son was still living in Middleboro in 1683. Court records show she was to pay five pounds by next July Court to be holden at Plymouth or appear at said court and receive corporal punishment by whipping. **June court she was whipped for committing unwed fornication on June 7, 1672. It seems reasonable, her son was born prior to her court appearance. [1]




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