Dorcus Bosanko was born in approximately 1721 in Cornwall, England, and baptised on the 21st February 1721 at Crowan, Cornwall. Her father was Reginald Bosanko, but her mother's name is currently unknown.


Dorcus married at aged 28 to William Jewell, in Crowan on 25th June 1749. William's origins are currently unknown.

Baptism of Dorcus Bosanko

The couple settled in Crowan and had 6 known children, 5 of which survived into adulthood. All of the children were baptised in the Crowan parish church.

Death of Son[]

William and Dorcus' eldest son William died before the age of 7. When and where he is buried has not been determined, but his death is acertained by having a second son called William born in 1757.


Dorcus died in 1795 and was buried at Crowan on 17th June 1795, aged 74 years. Her husband William would outlive her by 9 years.


Name Birth Death
Children of William & Dorcus Jewell"

William 10/04/1750
baptised Crowan, Cornwall
before 1757

Thomas 01/09/1754
baptised Crowan, Cornwall

William baptised 11/03/1757
baptised Crowan, Cornwall

Ann baptised 18/11/1759
baptised Crowan, Cornwall

Isaac 18/04/1762
baptised Crowan, Cornwall

Jacob baptised 19/05/1767
baptised Crowan, Cornwall