This is a family tree of the Dukes of Burgundy, from the 9th century to 1482.

Richard of AutunRainier II of HainautHugh the BlackWilla of BurgundyHugh of VienneEmma of ParisRudolph of FranceErmengarde of BurgundyGilbert of ChalonHugh the GreatLietaud of MaconRobert of VermandoisHugh CapetOtto, Duke of BurgundyLiutgard of ChalonOtto-Henry of BurgundyAdelbert II of ItalyRobert II of FranceOtto-William of BurgundyHenry I CapetHélie of SemurRobert I, Duke of BurgundyErmengarde of AnjouHildegard of BurgundyWilliam VIII of AquitaineHugh of Burgundy (1034–1059)Constance of BurgundyAlfonso VI of CastileRobert of Burgundy, Bishop of LangresRenauld of Burgundy, abbot of St. PierreBeatrice of Burgundy (born 1063)Guy I of VignoryHélie of Burgundy (born 1061)Henry, Count of PortugalTheresa, Countess of PortugalAlfonso I of PortugalSybille of NeversHugh I, Duke of BurgundySybille of Burgundy (1065-1103)Eudes I of BurgundyBertrand of ToulouseHélie of BurgundyHenry of Burgundy (1083-1131)Florine of BurgundySweyn the CrusaderMatilda of MayenneHugh II of BurgundyAremburge of BurgundyDucissa of BurgundyRaymond of GrignonClemence of BurgundyHenry III of DonzyHenry of Burgundy, Bishop of AutunHugh the RedRoger II of SicilySybille of BurgundyGauthier of BurgundyAigeline of BurgundyHugh I of VaudemontRobert of Burgundy, Bishop of AutunMatilda of BurgundyWilliam VII of MontpellierEudes II of BurgundyMarie of Champagne (1128-1190)Alice of Burgundy (1146-1192)Mahaut of LimaisRobert IV of AuvergneBeatrice d'AlbonHugh III of BurgundyAlice of LorraineAmadeo IV of SavoyMarguerite of BurgundyBeatrice of MontferratGuigues VI of ViennoisMahaut of BurgundyJohn, Count of ChalonSimon I of SemurMarie-Ducissa of BurgundyAlice of Burgundy (born 1177)Bernard VII of MercœurAlexander of MontaguBeatrice of RionInfanta Teresa, Countess of FlandersEudes III of BurgundyAlice of VergyHumbert III de ThoireBeatrice of Burgundy (born 1216)Joanna of BurgundyRaoul II of LusignanAlice of Burgundy (1204-1266)Robert I of ClermontBeatrice of Navarre, Duchess of BurgundyHugh IV of BurgundyYolande de Dreux (1212-1248)Isabelle of BurgundyRudolf I of HabsburgHugh, Viscount of AvallonMaguerite of ChalonBeatrice, Lady of GrignonHugh VIII of La MarcheAlice of Burgundy (1233-1273)Henry III of BrabantMarguerite, Lady of MolinotWilliam III of Mont-St. JeanMaud of DampierreEudes of Nevers and AuxerreJoanna of Burgundy (1253-1271)Margaret of Burgundy, Queen of SicilyCharles I of NaplesYolande of BurgundyJean Tristan of FranceRobert III of FlandersJohn of Burgundy (1231-1268)Agnes of DampierreBeatrice of Burgundy, Dame de BourbonRobert, Count of ClermontDuke of BourbonRobert II of BurgundyAgnes of France, Duchess of BurgundyJoanna of Burgundy (1290-1317)Philip VI of FranceRobert of TonnerreJoanna of TonnerreHugh V of BurgundyBlanche of Burgundy (1288–1348)Edward of SavoyMargaret of Burgundy, Queen of FranceLouis X of FranceLouis of BurgundyMatilda of HainaultEudes IV of BurgundyJeanne III, Countess of BurgundyPhilip V of FranceJeanne I, Countess of AuvergnePhilip of Burgundy, Count of AuvergneJoanna of BurgundyMarguerite of Burgundy (born 1345)Philip I of BurgundyMarguerite III of DampierreJohn II of FrancePhilip II of BurgundyAmadeo VIII of SavoyMary of Burgundy (1386-1422)Catherine of BurgundyLeopold IV, Duke of AustriaPhilip II, Count of NeversBonne of ArtoisJoanna of St. PolAntoine of BrabantElisabeth, Duchess of LuxembourgWilliam II, Duke of Bavaria-StraubingMarguerite of Burgundy (1374-1441)John the FearlessMargaret of Bavaria-StraubingAdolph I, Duke of ClevesMarie of Burgundy (1393-1463)Anne of BurgundyJohn of Lancaster, 1st Duke of BedfordAgnes of BurgundyCharles I, Duke of BourbonLouis, Dauphin of France (1397–1415)Margaret of Burgundy (1393-1441)Arthur III of BrittanyInfanta Isabel, Duchess of BurgundyPhilip III of BurgundyBonne of ArtoisMichelle of ValoisAntoine of BurgundyJoseph of BurgundyCharles I of BurgundyMargaret of YorkCatherine of ValoisIsabelle of BourbonMary of BurgundyMaximilian I of HabsburgBurgundyDukes.png
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When Charles died in an attempt to conquer Lorraine in 1477, both Louis XI, King of France, and Maximilian of Habsburg claimed the Burgundian inheritance. Eventually, the Duchy of Burgundy and Artois reverted to France, while the Low Countries and the Franche-Comté came under Habsburg rule. Despite the loss of the Duchy, the Habsburgs still used the title of Duke of Burgundy for their Burgundian territories.

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