Dutton may refer to:


In Canada
  • Dutton/Dunwich, Ontario, town and municipality in Canada
  • Dutton, Ontario
In the United Kingdom
In the United States
  • Dutton, Alabama, town
  • Dutton, Illinois, ghost town
  • Dutton, Michigan
  • Dutton, Montana, town in the United States
  • Dutton, Nevada, ghost town
  • Mount Dutton, Alaska
  • Dutton, South Australia
  • Mount Dutton Bay Conservation Park


First name[]

  • Dutton S. Peterson (1894–1964), New York clergyman and politician


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  • Brian Dutton (born 1985), English footballer
  • Charles Boydell Dutton (1834–1904), pastoralist and politician in Queensland, Australia
  • Charles Christian Dutton (died 1842), South Australian pioneer, uncle of C. B. Dutton, disappeared presumed murdered
  • Charles S. Dutton (born 1951), American actor
  • Clarence Dutton (1841–1912), American geologist and US Army officer
  • Denis Dutton (1944–2010), philosopher
  • Emily Dutton (1884–1962), musician, pastoralist and socialite of South Australia, wife of Henry Hampden Dutton
  • Francis Dutton (1818–1877), Premier of South Australia
  • Frank Dutton, South African policeman
  • Frederick Hansborough Dutton (1812–1890), South Australian pastoralist and politician
  • Geoffrey Piers Henry Dutton (1922–1998), South Australian poet, author and historian
  • Hampden Dutton (1805–1849), pastoralist in New South Wales and South Australia
  • Henry Dutton (1796–1869), American politician and the 38th Governor of Connecticut
  • Henry Dutton (cricketer) (1847–1935), English batsman
  • Henry Dutton (pastoralist) (1844–1914), South Australian pastoralist, the "Squire of Anlaby"
  • Henry Hampden Dutton (1879–1932), South Australian pastoralist
  • James Dutton (disambiguation), several people
  • John Dutton (disambiguation), several people
  • Kevin Dutton (born 1967), British psychologist and writer, specialising in psychopathy
  • Lawrence Dutton (born 1954), American violinist
  • Peter Dutton (born 1970), Australian politician
  • Phillip Dutton (born 1963), Olympic gold medal equestrian rider
  • Sir Piers Dutton (died 1545), English knight
  • Ray Dutton (born 1945), British rugby league footballer
  • Red Dutton (1898–1987), former NHL President
  • Reginald J. G. Dutton (1886–1970), English inventor of Dutton Speedwords
  • Robert Dutton (born 1950), California politician
  • Simon Dutton (born 1958), British actor, played Simon Templar (alias The Saint) in a series of Australian TV films in 1989
  • Sir Thomas Dutton (1421–1459), English knight
  • Tom Dutton (1893-1969), US college footballer
  • Thomas Dutton, American musician, lead vocalist of Forgive Durden
  • Tim Dutton (born 1964), British actor
  • William Dutton (captain) (1811–1878), "William Pelham Dutton", whaler and settler of Portland, Victoria
  • Zachary Dutton, American physicist


  • E. P. Dutton, an American book publishing company, since 1986 split into two imprints:
    • Dutton Penguin
    • Dutton Children's Books
  • Dutton Vocalion recordings
  • Dutton Cars, British company who manufactured kit cars between 1970 and 1989
  • Dutton Speedwords, an auxiliary language and shorthand writing system
  • USS Dutton, Ships of the US Navy
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