Eafa of Wessex was born on an unknown date to Eoppa of Wessex .

House of Wessex[]

Golden Wyvern of Wessex

He was of the royal English dynasty called House of Wessex, a family originating in the southwest corner of England and gradually increased in power and prestiege. The House became rulers of all the country with the reign of Alfred the Great in 871 and lasting until Edmund Ironside in 1016. This period of the English monarchy is known as the Saxon period.

Royal Lineage Family of Kent[]

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles compiled at the time of Alfred the Great generally agree as to the royal lineage of the early English kings through the House of Wessex. They show that lineage as follows:

  • Cenred of Wessex, King of Wessex and son of Ceolwald of Wessex, a desendant of Cerdic of Wessex, the first Wessex King.
  • Ingild of Wessex, royal prince and son of Cenred of Wessex
  • Eoppa of Wessex, son of Ingild of Wessex.
  • Eafa of Wessex, son of Eoppa.
  • Ealhmund of Kent, son of Eafa, ruled briefly as King of Kent in the year 784.
  • Egbert, King of Wessex (c769-839) son of Ealhmund of Kent, he was able to wrest control of both Wessex and Kent from the King of Mercia (c 790-839) and back to the royal family of Wessex.
  • Æthelwulf, King of Wessex (c795-858), helped his father conquer the Kingdom of Kent in 825 and inherited his fathers throne in 839. While king he repelled several Viking invasions and undertook a pilgrimage to Rome in 855. Several of his sons succeeded to his thone in turn until the youngest, thru which the royal line continued.
  • Alfred the Great, King of Anglo-Saxons (ruled 871-899), son of King Æthelwulf of Wessex and Osburga.


Offspring of Eafa of Wessex and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Ealhmund of Kent


Offspring of Eoppa of Wessex and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Eafa of Wessex


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