Edmund Towne was born 22 June 1622 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England to William Towne (1599-1685) and Joanna Blessing (1595-1682) and died 3 May 1678 Topsfield, Essex County, Massachusetts of unspecified causes. He married Mary Browning (1637-1717) 1652 in Massachusetts.

The son of William & Joanna (Blessing) Towne, Edmund Towne was baptized on June 28, 1628 at St. Nicholas Parish, Great Yarmouth, Norwich, Norfolk, England. He came to Massachusetts Bay Colony from England in 1637, probably on the good ship, Rose of Yarmouth, at the age of eighteen apprenticed to Henry Skerry who settled in Salem.

NOTE: See Research Notes for why it is unlikely that Edmund was not 18 in 1637 and why he was not apprenticed but came with his parents.

Note: Edmund Towne was the brother of Rebecca (Towne) Nurse and Mary (Towne) Esty/Easty, who were both executed during the Salem Witch Trials.

Edmund married Mary Browning on March 25, 1652 at Salem Village in Massachusetts Bay Colony. The newly married couple settled in nearby Topsfield where Edmund was a juror in 1655, a commoner in 1661, and a freeman in 1664. In June, 1666, he was appointed Corporal of the Topsfield military company and in 1674, he was part of a committee to petition the Court for permission to form a military guard to protect the settlers at their work. He was called "Sergeant Towne" in the Topsfield records in 1677.

He was a selectman in 1673, town constable in 1675, and tythingman in 1677 when he is called Sergeant Towne.

Among all his other work, Edmund was, like most of his neighbors at the time, a farmer. It was his main occupation.


Offspring of Edmund Towne and Mary Browning (1637-1717)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Mary Towne (1653-1731)
Thomas Towne (1655-1720)
Sarah Towne (1657-1730)
William Towne (1658-1750)
John Towne (1658-1740)
Baby Towne (1661-1661)
Joseph Towne (1661-1717) 2 September 1661 Topsfield, Essex County, Massachusetts 18 May 1717 Topsfield, Essex County, Massachusetts Amye Smith (1668-1756)
Edmund Towne (1662-1662)
Abigail Towne (1664-1712)
Benjamin Towne (1666-1678)
Rebecca Towne (1667-1726)
Elizabeth Towne (1669-1712)
Samuel Towne (1673-1714)


Offspring of William Towne (1599-1685) and Joanna Blessing (1595-1682)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Rebecca Towne (1621-1692) 21 February 1621 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom 19 July 1692 Salem, Massachusetts, United States Francis Nurse (1618-1695)
John Towne (1622-1672) 16 February 1624 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England 31 December 1671 Topsfield, Essex County, Massachusetts Phebe Lawson (1623-1665)
Suzanne Towne (1625-1630) 20 October 1625 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England 29 July 1630 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
Edmund Towne (1628-1678) 22 June 1622 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England 3 May 1678 Topsfield, Essex County, Massachusetts Mary Browning (1637-1717)
Jacob Towne (1631-1704) 11 March 1631 St Nichols Church, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England 27 November 1704 Topsfield, Essex County, Massachusetts Katheron Symonds (1630-1714)
Mary Towne (1634-1692) 12 August 1634 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom 22 September 1692 Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts, United States Isaac Esty (1627-1712)
Joseph Towne (1639-1713) 1639 Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts 21 February 1713 Topsfield, Essex County, Massachusetts Phebe Perkins (1644-1715)
Sarah Towne (1642-1703) 11 January 1637 Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts 1703 Framingham, Middlesex County, Massachusetts Edmond Bridges (1637-1682)
Peter Cloyes (1640-1708)


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