Edmund de Dutton was born 9999 in England to Thomas de Dutton (1315-1381) and Ellen de Thornton (c1316-1355) and died 1382 England of unspecified causes. He married Joan de Minshull (-1387) in England. Charlemagne (747-814)/s, Rollo of Normandy (860-932)/s.

"Edmund Dutton, younger son of sir Thomas, married Joan, daughter and heir of Henry Minshull de Church Minshull, by whom he had the manors of Church-Minshull and Aston-Mondram, and has issue sir Peter Dutton, who became heir to his uncle sir Lawrence Dutton of Dutton; Hugh Dutton, second son, of whom the Duttons of Hatton, nigh Warton in Cheshire, whose posterity afterwards, in process of time, became heirs of Dutton-lands under Henry the Eighth; Lawrence Dutton, another son; and Thomas Dutton, another son, lib. C. fol. 163. x. et 145. g.; Agnes de Dutton, a daughter, married William Leycester of Nether Tabley, 1398, 22 Rich. II. A. num. 5. penes mel and Ellen, another daughter. Lib. C. fol. 159. s.

This Edmund died before his brother sir Lawrence; and Joan, his widow afterwards married William de Hooton, and had issue by him. Joan died 11 Rich. II. 1387. lib. C. fol. 163. x. at which time, Peter Dutton, her son and heir was twenty years old."--The History of the County Palatine and City of Chester: Comp. from Original Evidences in Public Offices, the Harleian and Cottonian Mss., Parochial Registers, Private Muniments, Unpublished Ms. Collections of Successive Cheshire Antiquaries, and a Personal Survey of Every Township in the County; Incorporated with a Republication of King's Vale Royal and Leycester's Cheshire Antiquities, Volume 1 by George Ormerod, Daniel King, William Smith, William Webb (sheriff.), Sir Peter Leycester


Offspring of Edmund Dutton and Joan de Minshull (-1387)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Piers de Dutton (c1367-1433) 1367 England 1433 England Elizabeth le Boteler (c1379-)
Hugh de Dutton (c1367-1440) 1367 England 1440 England Petronill Vernon (c1369-)
Emma Warren
Agnes de Dutton
Lawrence de Dutton
Thomas de Dutton
Ellen de Dutton


  • 1. Edmund de Dutton (-1382)



Offspring of Thomas de Dutton (1315-1381) and Ellen de Thornton (c1316-1355)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Peter de Dutton (-c1364)
Thomas de Dutton
Lawrence de Dutton (-1392) 9999 England 1392 England Alice Unknown
Margaret Unknown
Edmund de Dutton (-1382) 9999 England 1382 England Joan de Minshull (-1387)
Joanna de Dutton
Henry de Dutton
William de Dutton


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