Edward de Warenne was born circa 1320 in England to John de Warenne (1286-1347) and Maud de Nerford (1292-1345) and died 1369 Cheshire, England of unspecified causes. He married Cicely de Eaton (1321-1361) 1340 JL in England. Charlemagne (747-814)/s, Hugh Capet (c940-996)/s.

Edward's father was John de Warenne (1286-1347), 7th Earl of Surrey and Sussex. John was married at age 20 to Joan de Bar (age 10), the niece of King Edward II, who was only half his age. This turned into a disastrous union and John had many notable mistresses.

Edward was almost certainly another son of Maud de Nerford (1292-1345), as he owned lands in Norfolk which had previously belonged to her. John called him "Edward de Warenne, my son" - plain 'Edward', not 'Sir Edward' - in his 1347 will, and left him twenty pounds. Edward was also mentioned in a letter John wrote to Edward III in April 1346, saying that his sons Edward and William were ready to serve the king abroad.[1]

He was presumably born after August 1316 as he was not mentioned in John's land settlements at that time, and before his father "ousted" Maud Nerford from his heart and company in or shortly before 1320. He may have been named in honour of Edward II, or possibly after his father's first cousin Edward Balliol, son of John Balliol, king of Scotland (himself probably named after Edward I). He is named as "Edward de Warenn, knight" in an entry on the Close Roll of 23 February 1349. [2]

Edward de Warenne married Cicely de Eaton (1321-1361), daughter of Nicholas de Eton, and founded the Warren family of Poynton, Cheshire. His eldest son, named John after his father, was born in 1343 or 1344; he had other sons named Edward and William. Edward de Warenne had died by 1369, and his son John died in 1392. See this thread for more information.

In 1346 he was serving in France in the retinue of his brother, William de Warenne; his father the Earl requested the Chancellor that he be discharged from the demand to find a man-at-arms for his lands in Norfolk. He was a legatee in the 1347 will of his father.


Offspring of Edward de Warenne and Cicely de Eaton (1321-1361)
Name Birth Death Joined with
John de Warenne (1343-1387) 1343 Poynton, Cheshire, England 25 November 1386 Poynton, Cheshire, England Margaret de Stafford (c1345-)
Edward de Warenne (1345-1369)
William de Warenne (1347-)



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