Elena of Lithuania was born circa 1360 to Algirdas (1296-1377) and Uliana Aleksandrovna of Tver (c1325-1392) and died 1438 of unspecified causes. She married Vladimir Andreyevich of Serpukhov (1353-1410) 1387 JL . Alfred the Great (849-899)/s, Charlemagne (747-814)/s, Rollo of Normandy (860-932)/s.


Offspring of Elena of Lithuania and Vladimir Andreyevich of Serpukhov (1353-1410)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Andrei Vladimirovich of Serpukhov (c1380-c1381) 1381 1382
Ivan Vladimirovich of Serpukhov (1381-1422) 1381 Russia 7 October 1422 Russia Vasilisa Fyodorovna of Ryazan (c1387-c1440)
Semyon Vladimirovich of Borovsk (c1385-1426)
Yaroslav Vladimirovich of Maloyaroslavets (1389-1426) 18 January 1389 Dmitrov, Dmitrov Rayon, Moscow Oblast, Russia 16 August 1426 Anna Semyonovna Novlenskaya (c1390-1411) Anna Semyonovna Novlenskaya (c1390-1411) Maria Fyodorovna Koshkina-Goltyayeva (c1395-c1460)
Vasili Vladimirovich of Uglich (1394-1427) 9 July 1394 Peremyshl, Kaluga Oblast, Russia 1427 Russia Ulyana Mikhailovna (?-a1446)
Fyodor Vladimirovich of Serpukhov (1390-b1406) 26 January 1390 Russia 1406 Russia
Andrei Vladimirovich of Radonezh (1393-1426) 1385 Russia 5 November 1426 Radonezh, Russia Yelena Dmitriyevna Vsevolozha (c1385-c1440)



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