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[[Category:Born in 1845|Lanyon, Eliza Jane]]
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[[Category:... Surname]]
[[Category:Died in 1907|Lanyon, Eliza Jane]]
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[[Category:Births in 1845|Lanyon, Eliza Jane]]
[[Category:Deaths in 1907|Lanyon, Eliza Jane]]
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[[Category:Living people|Surname, First Names]]
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[[Category:Created with Genealogy:People Simple Template]]

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  • Born: 15 Aug 1845 , Cornwall, England
  • Married: 26 Nov 1865; Floyd, GA
  • Died: 07 Jun 1907 ; Lincolnton, NC
  • Buried: Lincolnton, NC (St. Luke's)


  • Father:
  • Mother: Elizabeth Lanyon (?-?)


Child list

  • Charles Noble Wrenshall (?-?)
  • Mary Cowan Wrenshall (?-?)
  • Cowan Woodville Wrenshall (?-?)
  • Edward Wrenshall (?-?)
  • Jane Kimball Wrenshall (?-?)

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