Eliza Manwaring Allred was born 23 November 1821 in Deerfold, Aymestry, Herefordshire, England to Edward Manwaring (1783-1860) and Margaret Nash (1789-1841) and died 20 April 1866 Circleville, Utah of unspecified causes.


Eliza Manwaring was an English convert to the Mormon Religion and immigrated to America. Shortly after getting married she joined her husband on the march of The Mormon Battalion from Iowa to the West. Somewhere in Kansas they left the Battalion with one of the Sick Detachments (probably the first group). On Sept 8th, somewhere in Kansas, she gave birth to her first child, Fent Allred (1846-1846) who died the same day.

They wintered in Pueblo CO and then continued on to settle Salt Lake County, Utah where her second child was born in 1848. By 1850 they were farming in Sanpete County, Utah where they appear on the US Census living adjacent to some prominent Mormon Pioneer families there. Her husband took additional polygamous wives.


Offspring of James Tillmon Sanford Allred (1825-1905) and Eliza Manwaring Allred
Name Birth Death Joined with
Fent Allred (1846-1846) 8 September 1846 Kansas 8 September 1846 Kansas
Eliza Maria Allred (1848-1939) 28 February 1848 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, United States 15 April 1939 McGill, White Pine County, Nevada, United States James Willard Munson (1843-1928)
Nephi Allred (1849-1904) 28 December 1849 Ephraim, Sanpete County, Utah 1904 Wayne County, Utah
Ellen Aurelia Allred (1850-1929) 13 January 1850 Manti, Sanpete County, Utah 28 August 1929 Sanpete County, Utah Mads Rasmus Nielsen (1842-1899)
Elizabeth Diantha Allred (1852-1942) 25 March 1852 Manti, Sanpete County, Utah 24 September 1942 Spring City, Sanpete County, Utah Samuel Allred (1851-1932)
James Tillman Sanford Allred (1854-1902) 25 February 1854 Manti, Sanpete County, Utah 11 August 1902 Mountain View, Cardston County, Alberta Boleta Christena Anderson (1854-1948)
Edwards Francis Allred (1856-1942) 5 September 1856 Las Vegas, New Mexico 11 July 1942 Spring City, Sanpete County, Utah Sally Ann Billington (1860-1882)
Elizabeth D Overlade (1861-1935)
William Hackly Allred (1858-1922) 4 November 1858 Ephraim, Sanpete County, Utah 15 February 1922 Hayden, Uintah County, Utah Sarah Elizabeth Miles (1869-1961)
Margaret B Allred (1860-)
Nancy Cluny Allred (1861-1861)
Brigham Young Allred (1862-1949) 24 September 1862 Ephraim, Sanpete County, Utah 24 September 1949 Spring City, Sanpete County, Utah Karen Christine Nielsen (1865-1929)
Margaret Bridget Allred (1866-1934) 20 April 1866 Circleville, Piute County, Utah 4 August 1934 Spring City, Sanpete County, Utah Hans Peter Nielsen (1862-1899)
Joseph Willard Griffiths (1849-1930)


Offspring of Edward Manwaring (1783-1860) and Margaret Nash (1789-1841)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Edward Manwaring (1812-)
Temperance Manwaring (1814-1882)
Sarah Manwaring (1816-1888)
Margaret Manwaring (1821-1888) 1820 Aymestry, Herefordshire, England 10 April 1868 Utah James Tillmon Sanford Allred (1825-1905)
Elizabeth Bridget Manwaring (1821-1866) 23 November 1821 Deerfold, Aymestry, Herefordshire, England 20 April 1866 Circleville, Utah James Tillmon Sanford Allred (1825-1905)
Richard Manwaring (1827-1854)
Ann Manwaring (1831-)

Vital Records

1850 US Federal Census

James and his young family living in San Pete County, Utah. Notice that son Nephi (born in 1849) is missing from this census and presumed dead. There area also two older siblings from Illinois living with the family. James and Eliza's children are the two born in "Deseret" the early name of Utah Territory.

This census also shows living adjacent to several prominent Mormon Pioneers of San Pete Co - Isaac Morley, James Richey (1821-1890), Charles Shumway

  • James T L Allred - m/26 - b:TN - ocp: Farmer - 200 Acres
  • Eliza B Allred - f/29 - b:Eng
  • Eliza M Allred - f/3 - b:Deseret
  • Laman S Allred - m/10 - b:IL
  • Fanny D Allred - f/8 - b:IL
  • Ellen A Allred - f/1 - b:Deseret



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