Elizabeth Harley was born 1765 in Woolwich, Greater London, England, United Kingdom to George Harley (c1730-1814) and Elizabeth Love (bef1742-1770) and died 2 July 1842 Mudgee, New South Wales, Australia of unspecified causes. She married James Blackman (1759-1842) 3 December 1785 in Lee, Greater London, England, United Kingdom.



Offspring of James Blackman and Elizabeth Harley (1765-1842)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Samuel A Blackman (1788-1843) 1790 Trotterscliffe, Kent, England, United Kingdom 24 November 1843 Narellan, New South Wales, Australia Mary Hoskisson (1795-1857)
James Blackman (c1792-1868) 1792 Woolwich, Kent, England, United Kingdom 22 March 1868 Redbank, Mudgee, New South Wales, Australia Mary John (1799-1848)
John Blackman (c1795-1860) 1795 Woolwich, England, United Kingdom 21 November 1867 Nugal Station, Coonamble, New South Wales, Australia Elizabeth Morris (1808-1901)
Elizabeth Blackman (c1798-1849) 1798 Woolwich, Kent, England, United Kingdom 13 March 1849 Wilberforce, New South Wales, Australia William Carlisle (c1784-1852) William Carlisle (c1784-1852) John Roberts (c1801-1880)
William R Blackman (c1800-1854) 1800 Woolwich, Kent, England, United Kingdom 12 February 1854 Mudgee, New South Wales, Australia Sarah Ismena M Cobcroft (1799-1872)
Mary Ann Blackman (1803-1886) 21 January 1803 Cowpastures, New South Wales, Australia 6 March 1886 Raglan, New South Wales, Australia Joseph Henry Barsden (1799-1873)
Henrietta M Blackman (1807-1851) 1807 Richmond, New South Wales, Australia 27 April 1851 Dirty Swamp, New South Wales, Australia William Merrick (1799-1874)
George Blackman (1809-bef1888) 1809 Richmond, New South Wales, Australia 1888 Susannah Raven (1820-1905)
Robert Blackman (1811-1876) 18 November 1811 Richmond, New South Wales, Australia 8 February 1876 Running Stream, Rylstone, New South Wales, Australia Elizabeth Whittaker (1818-1865)
Martha Blackman (1813-1901) 15 July 1813 Richmond, New South Wales, Australia 1 September 1901 Raglan, New South Wales, Australia Robert Davidson (1806-1843) Robert Davidson (1806-1843) Joseph Ainsworth (1808-1885)


Elizabeth Harley was at one time engaged to George Davies, son of General Davies, and the young man contacted smallpox. Upon seeing him and the unsightly blotches, his fiancee could not suppress a smile, and her untimely mirth so angered the short tempered invalid, noted for his extreme irascibility, that he grabbed hold of a nearby musket and shot her through the side of the face. This put an end to the engagement!

Later, against the wishes of her father, she married James Blackman.

Elizabeth and James Blackman married in 1785 at Lee, which was then in Kent. James was an Artillery man at nearby Woolwich in the Royal Arsenal. Elizabeth and James were married by Banns. As George Harley disapproved of the marriage he forbade his family to attend the wedding. It was at the very last minute that he relented and attended the wedding with Elizabeth's brother Samuel. No other members were allowed to attend.

It was only after the birth of their first child, Samuel, that George forgave Elizabeth. He sent a set of silver and despatched five cows to a farm in the vicinity of Woolwich, the milk to be used for the child. He also requested that they live at the farm so as to be near him, and to this they agreed. They resided there for some years during which three more sons were born.

In 1800 James was ill and his doctors recommded a sea voyage. It is most probably though Elizabeth's families connections that he was able to obtain a high recommendation from the Colonial Office who were encouraging skilled people to migrate to the colony (of New South Wales). They left England in 1801 on the ship Canada and on 14 Dec 1801 arrived at Sydney, Cumberland County, New South Wales. When her family first arrived in the Colony they stayed as guests of Governor King in Sydney from 14 December 1801 for 12 weeks.

Blackman Vault, Mudgee

Elizabeth died on 2 Jul 1842 at Mudgee and is burried in Blackman Vault at Blackman Park.This was the original cemetery in Mudgee. When the graves were moved to the new cemetery, the only one to be left in place was Blackman's Vault. Blackman's Vault has been renovated. Directions for Blackman Park . Head south on Cox St for one block to the Mortimer St corner. Blackman Park was a cemetery from 1844-88. Although the headstones were removed to Memorial Park, it still contains the Blackman Vault at its western boundary which contains the remains of James Blackman who, in 1821, became the first European in the area.

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Ω Birth
  • Woolwich was then in Kent.
₪ Wedding
  • Lee was then in Kent.
¶ Death
  • "Age 77"

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