Elizabeth N. Kail (c1816-1901) was a pioneer of Harrison County, Ohio.


Betsy was born around 1816 in Ohio to parents Jacob Kail (1792-1869) and Mary Whitmore (c1792-1853).

Children by Jacob Bosley[]

1900 Census[]

Betsy resided with her grandson Isaac Wheeler in the 1900 census of German Township, Harrison County, Ohio. The household was listed as follows:

  • Isaac E Wheeler, head, 34
  • Josephine (Trownoskyi) Wheeler, wife, 32
  • May Wheeler, daughter, 11
  • Harry E Wheeler, son, 9
  • Raymond Wheeler, son, 7
  • Thomas Wheeler, son, 5
  • Katie Wheeler, daughter, 3
  • Elizabeth (Kail) Bosley, grandmother, 84