Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow was born 17 May 1831 in Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts, United States to Nathaniel Ashby (1805-1846) and Susan Hammond (1808-1851) and died 12 June 1915 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, United States of unspecified causes. She married Erastus Fairbanks Snow (1818-1888) 19 December 1847 in Winter Quarters, Douglas County, Nebraska.

Childhood in Salem MA

Nathaniel 's family were seaman and shipwrights until after the war of 1812 . Nathaniel , however, was apprenticed to a shoemaker at an early age, to learn the shoemaking trade. He became expert in making fine shoes. After his marriage, the couple soon owned not only his shoe shop but also several houses which they rented out.

They were introduced to the gospel and baptized in 1841 . In 1843 they sold out and moved to Nauvoo . They lived there until the exodus, then started west with the saints. Nathaniel 's health was not good and, after reaching camp a few miles from Bonaparte, Iowa , they decided to camp until he felt better. He died there and was buried there. He was only 41 years old.

(1839-1846) This Nauvoo, Illinois, dwelling was built as a duplex shared by Erastus Fairbanks Snow (1818-1888) (future LDS Apostle) and Nathaniel Ashby and their families. It is located on the west side of Hyde Street just north of Parley Street in Nauvoo. Nathaniel followed Erastus from Salem to Nauvoo. Some of his children followed him eventually to St. George, Utah.

St. George Pioneers of 1861-62

This person is listed on the Encampment Mall Memorial - a list of over 300 LDS Pioneer Families that helped to settle St. George, Utah in 1861. They were part of the "Dixie Cotton Mission" called by President Brigham Young to raise cotton and other southern crops in the warmer climate of Washington County, Utah.


Offspring of Erastus Fairbanks Snow and Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby (1831-1915)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Elizabeth Ashby Snow (1854-1936) 24 March 1854 Salt Lake City, Utah, United States 21 March 1936 Salt Lake City, Utah, United States Anthony Woodward Ivins (1852-1934)
Florence Ashby Snow (1856-1946) 16 June 1856 Salt Lake City, Utah, United States 18 May 1946 Logan, Utah, United States Edwin Dilworth Woolley (1845-1920)
Josephine Snow (1859-1940) 19 July 1859 Salt Lake City, Utah, United States 27 April 1940 New York City, New York, United States Joseph Marion Tanner (1859-1927)
Georgina Snow (1862-1929) 23 June 1862 St. George, Utah, United States 8 July 1929 Salt Lake City, Utah, United States Moses Thatcher (1842-1909)
Bryant Snow (1864-1864)
Martha Ellen Snow (1865-1949)
Ashby Snow (1867-1937)
Arthur Eugene Snow (1870-1953)
Herbert Hammond Snow (1872-1881)
Clarence Snow (1874-1938)



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