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{{:Elza Messerly (1857)/ children elizabeth}}
{{:Elza Messerly (1857)/ children elizabeth}}
{{:Elza Messerly (1857)/ children sarah}}
{{:Elza Messerly (1857)/ children sarah}}
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{{Messerly sidebar}}

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Elza Messerly
Sex: Male
Birth: 17 Apr 1857 Basil, OH
Death: 20 Nov 1933
Father: Jonas Messerly (1828)
Mother: Sarah Alspaugh (1830)
Spouse/Partner: Sarah Tschopp (1861)
Marriage: 11 Oct 1883
2nd Spouse: Elizabeth Zecaty (1875) Elizabeth Agnes Zecaty
2nd Marriage: 22 Mar 1897 Lancaster, OH

Elza Messerly

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Documentation notes

  • Corax: wife1: Sarah Ellen Tschopp b. 3 Nov 1861
  • Corax: 2nd wife Elizabeth Agnes Zecaty b. 11 Sep 1875



Name Birthdate Birthplace Death date Death place
Children of Elza Messerly (1857) and Elizabeth Zecaty (1875)
Margaret Mary Messerly 22 Mar 1899
Helen Marie Messerly 23 Apr 1898
Francis Messerly (1900) 9 May 1900


Name Birthdate Birthplace Death date Death place
Children of Elza Messerly (1857) and Sarah Tschopp (1875)
Hazel Messerly (c1885) c1885 Baltimore Ohio
Ruth Messerly (c1887) c1887 Baltimore Ohio
Neol Messerly (c1890) c1890 Baltimore Ohio 17 Aug 1968 Lancaster, Ohio
Daniel Messerly (1891) Daniel T 16 Nov 1891 Baltimore Ohio 20 Nov 1942 Stark, Ohio
Max Messerly (1894) 27 Feb 1894 Lancaster Ohio

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