Emma of France was born 894 to Robert I of France (866-923) and Aelis and died 2 November 934 abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prés of unspecified causes. She married Rudolph de Bourgogne (?-936) 911 JL .

She was said to be very active in politics and even led armies. There is an interesting story about how her husband became king after her father's death in the Historians History of the World. Emma's father, Robert I, took the throne after Charles the Simple was deposed. They met in battle about two years later in 923, and Robert was killed during the fighting. Her brother sent word to her asking what he should do with the crown. She answered that she would rather kiss the knee of her husband than her brother, and Rudolph was crowned king July 13, 923.


She married 911-919 Rudolph of Burgundy, son of RICHARD “le Justicier” Duke of Burgundy & his wife Adélais d’Auxerre, who became king of France 13 Jul 923, at Soissons and became known as Raoul.

Emma and Rudolph had one son who died young.


Offspring of Rudolph de Bourgogne (?-936) and Emma Capet
Name Birth Death Joined with
Louis of Burgundy (934-934)


The Historians' History of the World: France, 843-1715‎ - Page 16 edited by Henry Smith Williams 1904

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