Ephraim Tinkham was born 1606 in Ashburton, Devonshire, England to John Tinkham (c1575-) and Mathias Beare (c1575-) and died 1683 Middleborough, Plymouth County, Massachusetts of unspecified causes. He married Mary Browne (1626-1689) 27 October 1647 in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.


Born about 1606 near Ashburton, Devon, England, another source gives his birth as 06 Jan 1616 and his christening as 23 Feb 1618 in Barnstaple, Devon,England.

Son of John Tinkham/Tincombe and Mathias Beare, and his grandparents were Robarte Tinckcombe and Katherine. Name changed after they arrived in America(New England).

Middleboro Settler

Ephraim was one of the earliest settlers of Middleborough, Massachusetts along with Henry Wood. Ephraim was a servant for Timothy Hatherly (from the Anne) in 1634, then John Winslow in 1642, from whom he received thirty-five acres for his services, along with ten from Thurston Clark.

In October 27, 1647 Ephraim and Mary sold the house and land that had previously belonged to Peter Brown to Henry Tomson. Ephraim and Arthur Hathaway asked permission to live with their families on the lands of John Barnes at Lakenham in 1655.

Ephraim was a Highway Surveyor 03 June 1656, took an Oath of Fidelity in 1657, was declared a freeman in 1670, was elected a Middleboro Selectman in 1675, sat on a Grand Inquest in 1676.

Court Hearings

Ephraim and Stephen Bryant asked the court to decide on a land dispute in 1663, and Ephraim and Major Winslow and a dispute about a horse on the first of August 1665. He was granted twelve acres of land at Whetstone Vineyard Brook 05 June 1666. The same day he was elected Selectman (01 June 1675) he was fined for coming to court drunk.

Ephraim was asked to testify regarding the charges against Mary Churchill who had confessed to having gotten with child by Thomas Doty by three counts of copulation. Ephraim testified about the second occurrence, August 8th of 1670, when he visited Churchill's home, knocked upon the door but received no response. When he entered the home, Mary appeared, flustered, then Doty appeared and Tinkham took Doty away from the house, warning him to take heed against evil acts.

Last Will of Ephraim

Per Stratton's "Plymouth Colony: Its History & People, 1620-1691" his will was dated January 17, 1683, he died in 1683 and his will was admitted to probate June 5, 1685 with inventory. Mayflower Births and Deaths lists his death "betw. 17 Jan. 1683 (will) - 20 May 1685 (inv.)" Ancestry lists his death as 20 May 1685 many times, all of which list this same source.

Marriage & Family

Ephraim married Mary Browne (1626-1689), daughter of Peter Browne and Martha (Weighte)Forde from the Mayflower. They were married in Plymouth, Massachusetts on 27 October 1647 and had the following children:

  1. Ephraim Tinkham-5 Aug 1649–13 Oct 1714 Middleboro
  2. Ebenezer Tinkham-30 Sep 1651–8 Apr 1718 Middleboro
  3. Peter Tinkham-25 Dec 1653–30 Dec 1709 Nemasket
  4. Helkiah Tinkham-8 Feb 1654–25 Dec 1731- Ruth Cooke
  5. John Tinkham-7 Jun 1658-15 Nov 1663
  6. Mary Tinkham-5 Aug 1661-1731-John Tomson
  7. John Tinkham-15 Nov 1663–15 Jan 1739
  8. Isaac Tinkham-11 Apr 1666–1732


Offspring of Ephraim Tinkham and Mary Browne (1626-1689)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Ephraim Tinkham (1649-1714)
Ebenezer Tinkham (1651-1718)
Peter Tinkham (1653-1709)
Helkiah Tinkham (1655-1731) 8 February 1654 Plymouth Colony, Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts 20 May 1718 Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts Ruth Cooke (1664-1734)
John Tinkham (1658-1663)
Mary Tinkham (1661-1731) 5 August 1661 Middleboro, Plymouth County, Massachusetts 1 January 1731 Middleboro, Plymouth County, Massachusetts John Tomson (1649-1725)
John Tinkham (1663-1739)
Isaac Tinkham (1666-1732)




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