Erchanger von Schwaben, Count Palatine of Swabia, Duke of Swabia, was born circa 880 to Berthold I von Schwaben (?-?) and Gisela (?-?) and died 21 January 917 Aldingen of execution. He married Bertha Unknown (?-966) . Charlemagne (747-814).

Erchanger or Erchangar was first count palatine and, from September 915 to his death, duke of Swabia. His father was count palatine of Swabia and sometimes called Erchanger as well, in which case the duke is Erchanger II. His family is known as the Ahalolfinger.

He was originally a missus dominicus in Swabia. In 911, he allied with Bishop Solomon III of Constance due their common political goals. Erchanger was at the time striving for ever greater power in Swabia alongside Burchard I and Burchard II. He played a conspicuous part in the downfall of the elder Burchard, who was convicted of high treason and executed, in 911. With the fall of the Burchards, Erchanger and his younger brother Berthold were the most powerful counts in the tribe. In 913, Erchanger and King Conrad I of Germany fell out, but Erchanger married off his sister Cunigunda, whose husband, Luitpold, had just died, to the king. With this diplomatic marriage, Erchanger became the king's representative in Swabia. With this, his alliance with Bishop Solomon broke and the bishop opposed his rise. Seeing his income diminished by the bishop, Erchanger imprisoned Solomon in 914. Conrad opposed this and freed the bishop, exiling Erchanger.

Erchanger returned in 915 and was fighting alongside his nephew Arnulf of Bavaria and his old enemy Burchard II against the Magyars. Erchanger and Burchard then turned against Conrad. Defeating him at the Battle of Wahlwies in the Hegau, Erchanger is proclaimed duke. However, at a high court in Hohenaltheim in September 916, Erchanger was condemned to a monastery for offences against king and bishop. He was killed on the instructions of the king on 21 January 917.


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