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Featured Article

Andrei Filotti (1930-)/biography

Andrei Filotti is a Romanian-born engineer, specialized in water management. In 1961-1962 he coordinated the elaboration of the National Plan for the Development of Romania's Water Resources, which established the orientation of the multipurpose use in the following decades. Afterwards, as Chief Engineer of the Research and Design Institute for Water Management he had the responsibility of coordinating the design of detailed water development schemes for specific projects for water use, flood prevention and water quality protection, ensuring their consistency with the general provisions of the National Plaon. For his contribution to the economic development of Romania, he was awarded the Order of Work (Romanian: Ordinul Muncii)

He worked in water management related research having essential contributions in the field of mathematical modelling and use of operations research applied to water management and in the field of economics of water resources development. He was professor of water management and river training at the Faculty of Land Reclamation and Environmental Engineering of the Nicolae Bălcescu Agronomic Institute (now University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Bucharest.

Andrei Filotti left Romania in 1982. He worked as Chief Technical Advisor in the United Nations Secretariat coordinating projects in India, Bangladesh, Chad, Senegal, Nigeria and other countries. After retiring from the United Nations Organization he continued working as a consultant for various organizations such as the Asian Development Bank and USAID, concentrating besides environmental engineering also on activities related to fighting corruption.

Andrei Filotti is member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), the American Water Resources Association (AWRA), the General Society of Romanian Engineers (Romanian: Asociația Generală a Inginerilor din România - AGIR) ahd the Association of Former International Civil Servants (AFICS).

Childhood and studies

Andrei Filotti 1938

Andrei Filotti as 3rd-grader (1938)

Andrei Filotti was born in Bucharest on October 27, 1930. His father Eugen Filotti was a Romanian diplomat, and his mother Elisabeta Filotti née Taşcă was the daughter of Gheorghe Taşcă, a Romanian economist and politician, who at that time was rector of the Academy of High Commercial and Industrial Studies.

From 1936 to 1940, Andrei Filotti studied in the primary schools of Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria, where his father was posted as plenipotentiary minister. Then from 1940 to 1947 attended the high school at the Gheorghe Lazăr Lyceum of Bucharest, with the exception of school year 1944/45 when he attended school at the Dinicu Golescu Lyceum of Câmpulung-Muscel. Passing the last two classes in a single year, Andrei Filotti graduated as first of his class. He then enrolled as student in the Faculty of Electromechanics of the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest. - Read more!

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Pyotr Fyodorovich Basmanov-Pleshcheyev (c1567-1606)Fyodor Alekseyevich Basmanov-Pleshcheyev (c1545-1571)Stepanida Vasilyevna Princess Sitskaya (c1547-1591)
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Daisy Ethel Ackerman (1898-1969)Edwin Carlos Ackerman (1847-1917)Mary Priscilla Jane Freel (1854-1934)Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, United States
Albert Adams (1901-1994)George Adams (1860-1945)Alice Harriett Smith (1867-1948)Caringbah, New South Wales, Australia
James Ainslie (1808-1860)Archibald Ainslie (-1827)Euphemia Steedman (?-?)Hobart, Tasmania, Australia52
Isaac Alden (1666-1727)Joseph Alden (1627-1696)Mary Simmons (1638-1697)Bridgewater, Plymouth County, Massachusetts
George Underwood Alley (1801-1879)John Alley (bef1801)Jane Anne Underwood (bef1801)Araluen, New South Wales, Australia
Bridget Allgar (c1562-c1605)William Allgar (1536-1575)Margaret Payre (c1540-1612)Shalford, Essex, England, United Kingdom43
Joseph Wright Alsop (1838-1891)Joseph Wright Alsop (1804-1878)Mary Alsop Oliver (1815-1893)Fenwick, Middlesex County, Connecticut, United States
Sam Altman (1859-1907)London, England, United Kingdom
William Amos (1869-1934)William George Amos (1843-1900)Elizabeth Bryant (1843-1877)Myrtle Creek, New South Wales, Australia
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Ebenezer Adams (1737-1792)Ebenezer Adams (1704-1769)Anne Boylston (1706-1770)Mehitable Spear (1737-1814)Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts
Richard Adams (1651-1728)James Adams (1626-1653)Frances Vassall (1622-1673)Rebecca Davis (1658-)Sudbury, Middlesex County, Massachusetts
Benjamin Allen (1682-1755)Increase Allen (1660-1723)Rachel Sherman (1658-1731)Deborah Russell (1681-1755)Dartmouth, Bristol County, Massachusetts
Bridget Allgar (c1562-c1605)William Allgar (1536-1575)Margaret Payre (c1540-1612)Robert White (1561-1617)Shalford, Essex, England, United Kingdom
George Anstey (c1838-1869)Laura Leworthy (c1837-1927)Inglewood, Victoria, Australia
Ida von Anhalt-Bernburg-Schaumburg-Hoym (1804-1828)Viktor II. Karl Friedrich von Anhalt-Bernburg-Schaumburg-Hoym (1767-1812)Amalie von Nassau-Weilburg (1776-1841)August I. von Oldenburg (1783-1853)Schloss Schaumburg
Charles Irving Avery (1859-1927)Edward Henry Avery (1824-1908)Susan Sophia Taylor (1821-1890)Lillias Pomeroy (1860-1933)Auburn, Cayuga County, New York, United States
Alice Ann Bath (1857-1925)Christopher Bath (1828-1900)Caroline Ann English (1839-1925)Duncan Gillies (1846-1933)Walcha, New South Wales, Australia
Sarah Beers (1639-1724)Richard Beers (1616-1675)Elizabeth Furman (1615-1706)Isaac Stearns (1633-1676)Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts
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Elizabeth Condie Baird (1918-1980)James Alexander Baird (1891-1956)Ada Condie (1894-1965)Eldon Delbert Tolley (1916-2000)Stevensville, Ravalli County, Montana, United States
George Ludwig Frederick Behre (1844-1911)Anna Mary Rinsler (1851-1917)Chatham Borough, Morris County, New Jersey, United States
Leonora Cannon (1840-1924)George Cannon (1794-1844)Anne Quayle (1798-1842)Robert Gardner (1819-1906)Endowment House, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah
Lulu Rebecca Doty (1874-1950)Franklin Bake Doty (1850-1935)Esther Ann Davison (1853-1920)John M. Johnson (c1874-)
Revilo Fuller (1842-1932)Elijah Knapp Fuller (1811-1897)Harriet Loomis (1814-1845)Barbara Wilhelmina Graf (1888-1979)St. George, Washington County, Utah, United States
Barbara Wilhelmina Graf (1888-1979)Johann Heinrich Graf (1856-1891)Barbara Staheli (1861-1943)Revilo Fuller (1842-1932)St. George, Washington County, Utah, United States
Brian Green (1973)George Lewis Green (1942)Joyce Mary Klein (1947)Megan Denise Fox (1986)Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, Ka'ūpūlehu, Hawaii, United States
Lydia Griswold (1671-1752)Francis Griswold (1635-1677)Mary Tracy (1630-1671)Joseph Holmes (1672-1752)Massachusetts
Elizabeth of Lancaster (1363-1425)John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster (1340-1399)Blanche of Lancaster (1345-1369)John Holland, 1st Duke of Exeter (c1352-1400)
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