This semantic database is a genealogical repository about prominent people as well as thousands who are of insufficient encyclopedic interest to be an integral part of Wikipedia.

The site is multi-faceted: it contains details on individuals, both historically significant people and everyday people, and provides such other information as:

  • the backgrounds and meanings of names
  • documentation for family trees and quick links to recorded ancestors, siblings, and descendants
  • other relationships that often determine who people are, eg:

This site aspires to be truly global, with active contributors and information from multiple cultures and regions over four Hemispheres. It uses Semantic MediaWiki to display more than an ordinary wiki can and to require less repetitive input from contributors.

Please feel free to contribute to this site, no matter how small or large your input: it all helps towards the creation of a great site and should provide information of interest to your relatives.

For more about the subject of Genealogy itself, see Genealogy at Wikipedia.

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