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Welcome to the administrators' noticeboard. This page is for reporting and discussing incidents on the Familypedia that require the intervention of administrators, and for general communication amongst administrators. Any user of Familypedia may post here. Please include diffs to help us find the problem you are reporting. As a courtesy, you must inform other users if they are the subject of a discussion (you may use {{subst:ANI-notice}} to do so).

Frivolous complaints and unsubstantiated requests for administrator intervention do not belong here. Please do not clutter this page with accusations or side-discussions within a discussion. Before posting a grievance about a user here, it is advised that you discuss the issue with them on their user talk page.

For incidents involving the possible misuse of administrative powers, please attempt to engage in discussions with the admin before posting here.

Are you in the right place? Using this page
  • Please add new incident reports to the bottom of this page.
  • Sign your post with "~~~~", which translates into a signature and a time stamp automatically.
  • Lengthy posts may be placed within a toggling collapse box.
  • Threads will be archived after inactivity or resolution. If you see a thread that should not be archived yet, please add a comment requesting more discussion, or if it is already archived, remove it from the archive and restore it to this page, preferably with a comment.
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