See Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Bot policy and Wikipedia:Wikipedia:AutoWikiBrowser.

Bots (short for "robots") are semi-automated users run by a human user to do mundane tasks. Each bot must include in its name the letters "bot", "Bot", or "BOT" after a recognisable part of its human operator's name. See for some guidance on how to run one.

Ideally a bot should be programmed to stop running as soon as anyone edits its talk page and/or when it is logged out.

Please do not start running a bot until its nature has been described on its user page and at least a couple of administrators have discussed it with you (not it!) on its user talk page. Bots that seem to be operating without such consultation will probably be blocked.

(If we have no trouble with bots we may avoid building up the complex procedures needed by Wikipedia!)

Until Wikia installs the extension that bureaucrats can use for flagging bots, someone must ask a staff member if we want to avoid seeing bot work on "Recent changes". Check with

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