Whenever there is more than a paragraph of detail known about a couple's relationship (e.g. the full history of a marriage), you can save time by creating a separate article for their relationship and incorporate it as a template in each individual's article (and maybe in articles for their children).

The page/template name should have enough detail to make it probably unique, e.g. "Bill and Gretta Patterson's life together". You can start the page by copying the following - not the lines with four hyphens - from the edit box of this page:

This page can be used as a template on at least two other pages. Please use at least three "equals" signs at each end of headings except the first. To use it as a template, link to its page name with a colon in front as for a file or category but with curly brackets. This introduction will not appear on those pages if its surrounding tags remain intact.
See "What links here" for the pages that use this; use it in reverse on those pages to find your way back here.

Main heading[]

Examples: "Family history" or "Bill and Gretta's life together". That will be the heading shown in each article; no need to spell out names if only one partner each, but clarification may be needed when the page is used on a child's page.

(to be continued!)

For examples, see Category:Couple histories.

You cannot include a table of children using {{Showfacts children}} (though we may be able to devise a similar template that produces such a table with the individual's names as parameters) but you can list children in the same way as you might include details in a children-..._notes field.