Storing GEDCOM files[]

We have obtained permission to upload ".ged" files to this wiki. There will be advantages in keeping copies here for as long as they can be useful for checking pages that are wholly or partly derived from them. A "filing system" can doubtless be devised for easy retrieval.

Incomplete list of files stored here[]

How we use them[]

We basically don't use them yet.

User:Yewenyi (Sydney resident, Brian Yap) devised a system (needing Java) for creating rudimentary pages in a semi-automatic manner. He created a couple of thousand. The page format is seriously out of date and really not worth pursuing.

As of September 2010, we have not devised the ideal, which is a system for semi-automatic extraction of data into facts-based person-pages. It's on the TODO list. We need to:

  1. get the forms working slightly better
  2. improve our handling of placenames
  3. agree on, and program, a way to minimize creation of duplicate pages. The tangle at is a warning. We want to get it right first time.

By September 2010, User:Thurstan had almost perfected a way of using GEDCOM files in conjunction with "Lifelines" script to generate page content. See