This page groups the parameters used for info pages, with a view to helping users understand what they do. The discussion page linked to this page is for discussion of page improvements and can also have questions and explanations.

When you see an info page, you will see the followign parameters. After each parameter or group of parameters is instructions on how to use them.


This is the beginning of the template. Do not change it, or you will mess up the rest of the template.



This is where you store the information. You must place the information after the "=" sign in order for the information to be processed into templates.


|Short name           = 
|Surname              = 
|Given name           =
|Article              = {{subst<noinclude></noinclude>:BASEPAGENAME}}
|Full name            =
|Alternative names    = 
|Short description    = 
  • Short name - place their entire name: First, middle, and last.
  • Surname - place their surname only.
  • Given name - place their first and/or middle names only.


|Image                =
|Sex                  =
  • Image - place the image you want to display for the person.
  • Sex - specify "Male" or "Female" or "Unknown"

Vital information

|Birth month          =
|Birth day            =
|Birth year           = 
|Birth estimate       = 
|Birth place          = 
|Birth town           = 
|Birth county         = 
|Birth state          = 
  • Place the birth month, day, and year. If birth is not specifically known, use birth estimate to say "c", "bef", or "aft" with only the year in the "Birth year" line.
  • For birth place, type in the place of birth and create links to wiki pages. For town, county, and state, type in the information without links. If the country is not divided by those, use them for whater division (disttrict, province, etc.)

Below are other pieces of vital information. The instructions for the birth parameters also apply for those of baptism and death.

|Baptism month        =
|Baptism day          =
|Baptism year         = 
|Baptism place        = 
|Death month          = 
|Death day            =  
|Death year           = 
|Death estimate       = 
|Death place          = 
|Death town           = 
|Death county         = 
|Death state          = 

For burial, insert the date of burial and the place of burial.

|Burial               = 


|Father               =
|Mother               =
|Spouse               = 
|Marriage             = 
|Marriage month       = 
|Marriage day         = 
|Marriage year        = 
|Marriage town        = 
|Marriage county      = 
|Marriage state       =
|Child1               =
|Child2               =
|Child3               =
|Child4               =
|Child5               =
|Child6               =
|Spouse2              = 
|Marriage2            = 
|Child1-S2            = 
|Child2-S2            = 
|Child3-S2            = 
|Sources              = 
|Residence            =
|Residence years      = 
|Residence2           =
|Residence2 years     =
|Occupation           =
|Occupation years     =
|Occupation2          =
|Occupation2 years    =
|Signature            = 
|Title                =
|Honors               = 
|Public service       =
|Religion             =
|Education            =
|Schools              =
|Citizen of           = 
|Emigration           =
|Physical description =
|Haplogroup mtdna     =
|Haplogroup ydna      =
|Wikipedia-en         =
|Wikiquote-fr         =
|Familysearch afn     = 
|Genealogics pid      = 
}}<noinclude>{{tabs person}}{{Info table person}}{{Category-Info pages}}</noinclude><!--delete all characters following this comment or you will see extra lines, etc, when you do Get's! -->

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