Important-1.svg Notice- Info pages have served Familypedia well for the past two years but are being phased out and upgraded to a new format which makes articles easier to create and maintain through form editing. They also allow significantly more powerful features not possible with info pages. Feel free to continue to use info pages if you are familiar with them, but everyone is encouraged to try the new Person form for entering or editing articles. Old info articles will be automatically upgrade via bot sometime in the future when the community decides. For questions, and comments, please post at Forum:Switchover to Showfacts articles. ~ Phlox 2009-09-27

This page groups the parameters used for info pages, with a view to helping users understand what they do and how their use might be improved. The talk page should use the same headings.

Names, picture, sex, parents

|Short name = {{subst:BASEPAGENAME}}

Goes at the top of the infobox; can be less than full page name if still unique

|Surname =

Little ambiguity here, but maybe there's a case for including the Dutch patronymic?

|Given name =

Called "First name" in Western countries but it's not put first in Asian tradition. Might it be defined to include Dutch patronymics?

|Article = {{subst:BASEPAGENAME}}

Must be the current name - something to remember when moving a page

|Full name =

Goes at the top of the article.

|Short description =

Brief identifier of the person, going in at least two places: second line of the article; and after the page link in a list on a hndis page

|Alternative names =

Go below the short description; no fixed format; include married name for woman

|Image = |Sex = |Father =

Full page name to link

|Mother =

Full page name to link

Major events

Birth, baptism

|Birth month = |Birth day = |Birth year = |Birth estimate = |Birth place = |Birth town = |Birth county = |Birth state = |Baptism =

Death, burial

|Death month = |Death day = |Death year = |Death estimate = |Death place = |Death town = |Death county = |Death state = |Burial =

Marriage 1

|Spouse = |Marriage = |Marriage month = |Marriage day = |Marriage year = |Marriage town = |Marriage county = |Marriage state = |Child1 = |Child2 = |Child3 = |Child4 = |Child5 = |Child6 =


|Spouse2 = |Marriage2 = |Child1-S2 = |Child2-S2 = |Child3-S2 =


|Sources =

Residence and occupation

|Residence = |Residence years = |Residence2 = |Residence2 years = |Occupation = |Occupation years = |Occupation2 = |Occupation2 years =

Signature, titles, religion, etc

|Signature = |Title = |Honors = |Public service = |Religion = |Education = |Schools = |Citizen of = |Emigration =

Physical and DNA

|Physical description = |Haplogroup mtdna = |Haplogroup ydna =

External references

|Wikipedia-en = |Wikiquote-fr = |Familysearch afn = |Genealogics pid =


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