This wiki follows Wikpedia's Manual of Style (MOS) except for Familypedia exceptions noted below. Contributors wishing to make improvements to general style guidance should have their suggestions incorporated into the Wikipedia style guide at the corresponding Wikipedia MOS page. When they are accepted by Wikipedia MOS community, they become Familypedia guidance.

Familypedia is multilingual. The Manual of style from the Wikipedia corresponding to the language of the article is the authority for the article. For instance, Heinrich I. (England) (1068-1135) (.de) must conform to the German wikipedia manual of style (Wie gute Artikel aussehen), not the English Wikipedia manual of style. Pages must conform to Article naming conventions, including the language designation suffix.

Familypedia specific exceptions:[]

General exceptions[]

  • Wikipedia forbids original research. Familypedia encourages it. All references to this admonition in Wikipedia style guides are null and void for Familypedia.

Familypedia look and feel[]

We have distinctive styles for some matters, including:

  • Page names for individuals (where we include, in round parentheses, at least the birth year where known)
  • Infoboxes for person-pages
  • Navigation boxes, particularly the county-based series, which have specifically genealogical emphasis

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