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History pages[]

Notable Landmarks[]

Immigrant Ships[]

Mayflower / Project Mayflower

Plymouth Colony Immigrant Ship passenger lists (1620-1638) (Does not included ships landing at Salem, Boston, Maine or Virginia or numerous fishing vessels and pirate ships that may have stopped by. See also PackRat Pro for all ships:

Early Plymouth Colony Settlements[]

Plymouth County, Massachusetts[]

Bristol County, Massachusetts[]

Barnstable County, Massachusetts[]

Plymouth Colony Famous Descendants[]

Mayflower Group Descendants[]

The Pilgrims Landing by Mike Haywood

  1. John Alden List of Famous Descendants - Famous Mayflower Pilgrim with large posterity in America.
  2. Isaac Allerton (1586-1658)/List of Famous Descendants - Mayflower pilgrim
  3. William Bradford (1590-1657)/List of Famous Descendants - Mayflower Pilgrim - 2nd Governor of Plymouth Colony.
  4. William Brewster (1567-1644)/List of Famous Descendants - Senior Religious Leader at Plymouth Colony
  5. Francis Cooke (1583-1663)/List of Famous Descendants - Mayflower Pilgrim
  6. Edward Doty (bef1600-1655)/List of Famous Descendants -
  7. Robert Fuller List of Famous Descendants - father of three Mayflower Pilgrims
  8. John Howland List of Famous Descendants - Famous Mayflower Pilgrim with large posterity in America. Married daughter of John Tilley (1571-1621).)
  9. Richard More (1614-c1694)/List of famous descendants - Mayflower, Sea Captain, witness to Salem witch trials.
  10. Thomas Rogers (1572-1621)/List of Famous Descendants -
  11. Henry Sampson (1604-1684)/List of Famous Descendants -
  12. Edward Southworth (c1592-1622)/List of Famous Descendants -
  13. Myles Standish List of Famous Descendants - Famous Mayflower Pilgrim with large posterity in America.
  14. Richard Warren (c1580-1628)/List of Famous Descendants - Mayflower Pilgrim
  15. William White (1570-1621)/List of Famous Descendants - Mayflower Pilgrim
  16. Edward Winslow (1560-1620)/List of Famous Descendants - two sons migrated to Plymouth Colony.

Other Plymouth Colony Descendant Lists[]

  1. William Bassett (c1590-1667)/List of Famous Descendants - 1621 Notable Settler
  2. James Cole (1600-1692)/List of Famous Descendants - 1632 English Immigrant - settled Coles Hill Landmark of Plymouth.
  3. William Collier (1590-1674)/List of Famous Descendants- 1633 English Immigrant to Plymouth
  4. Philip Delano (1602-1683)/List of Famous Descendants - 1621 Fortune arrival to Plymouth
  5. Edmond Freeman (1596-1682)/List of Famous Descendants - 1635 English Immigrant to Plymouth, assistant governor and co-founder of first town on Cape Cod, Sandwich, Massachusetts.
  6. Samuel Hinckley (1589-1662)/List of Famous Descendants - English immigrant and father of last governor of Plymouth Colony.
  7. Samuel Mayo (1620-1664)/List of Famous Descendants - 1630s arrival settled at Yarmouth MA.
  8. Thomas Prence (1600-1673)/List of Famous Descendants - 4th Governor of Plymouth Colony.
  9. William Andrew Ring (1565-1620)/List of Famous Descendants - family joined Plymouth Colony in 1629.
  10. John Robinson (1567-1625)/List of Famous Descendants - founding father of pilgrims died in Holland, his son came to Plymouth Colony in 1631.
  11. James Skiffe (1610-1688)/List of Famous Descendants - 1635 arrival at Plymouth.
  12. Edward Southworth (c1592-1622)/List of Famous Descendants - Two sons arrived in Plymouth in 1628, and his is then married to the colony governor - William Bradford (1590-1657). The Southworth Family has a direct ancestral gateway link to early European Royalty and Charlemagne.
  13. Peter Thatcher (1545-1624)/List of Famous Descendants - founder of Congregational churches amongst the Pilgrims.

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