The following is a list of standardization methods used at Familypedia. Items not mentioned here have not yet been added to this page, or have not been discussed.


Naming conventions



1. Categories using location should generally be of the form [thing] of [placename]

e.g. Category:Counties of Virginia, not [[Category:Virginia counties]].

2. Categories of physical entities or events in places should be of the form [thing] in [placename]

e.g. Category:Cemeteries in Ohio (but Category:Census of Ohio because some of the work and publication was elsewhere).

3. Use verb forms where possible for the thing described,

e.g. Category:Born in Ohio, not [[Category:Births in Ohio]].

4. With people, we may follow Wikipedia and replace "of" or "in" with "from" (so as to to allow people to be classified under more than one relevant place, e.g. birthplace), but to minimise ambiguity we have introduced categories such as "Resided in ..." and "Ancestry from ...".

Regrettably, Wikipedia has inconsistencies, even in matters such as "Organizations"/"Organisations". For that case, both Wikia and the implied-but-not-always-followed Wikipedia standard follow the Oxford Dictionary recommendation of "z". If we change an "s" category to a "z" category we should leave a {{Category redirect}} at the Wikipedia "s" name.

Article formats

Although there has not been any set standards, there have been recommendations as to how articles are arranged.