This page lists existing or proposed templates which you may find useful. For information on what templates are and how to use them, please see project:Template namespace.

If you cannot find the template you need, you can request it on project:Requested templates. For help on creating templates, see Help:Template, or contact a user who has identified themselves as an adept template coder.

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Article-related namespace[]

Please list navigational templates (as, for example, between pages relating to a specific topic) at project:Navigational templates. See also Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Article series.


  • Disambiguation and redirection
  • Section
  • Timing (Current events, etc)
  • Title (distinguishment between deceptively similar titles, etc)
  • Special character warnings
  • Footnotes and references
  • Topical ("spoiler") warnings
  • Expansion requests
  • Miscellaneous (Lorem ipsum, etc)


  • Requesting sources and verification
  • General sources
    • Citing
  • Specific sources: GFDL, public domain, U.S. government, etc
  • Footnotes and links


  • Internal links (main articles, German names, etc)
  • External links (databases, websites, etc)
    • Geography (locations/maps)
    • Religion
    • Wikis (sister projects, etc)
    • Miscellaneous (book, music, etc)

Sister Projects

  • Wikiquote
  • Wiktionary
  • Wikibooks
  • Wikisource
  • Wikimedia Commons
  • Wikinews
  • Wikiversity
  • Wikispecies
  • Mediawiki
  • Meta-Wiki
  • Linking between projects
  • Soft redirects
  • Transwiki copy


  • Articles (AfD)
  • Categories (CfD)
  • Images and media (IfD)
  • Redirects (RfD)
  • Speedy deletion (D)
  • Templates (TfD)
  • Stub types (SfD)

Disputes and warnings

  • Accuracy
  • Suspected hoax
  • Neutrality
  • Original research
  • Contradictory
  • Controversial
  • Unencyclopedic
  • Notability
  • Autobiography


  • Article in use (major edits)
  • Protected from editing/vandalism
  • Copyright violations
  • Article issues
    • General attention needed
    • ISSN issues
    • Lack of geopolitical balance
    • IPA conversion
  • Categorization issues


  • General cleanup: Complete rewrite, section, remainder, copyediting, grammar/punctuation/spelling
  • Writing style: Clarity, tone, etc
  • Structures and sections
  • Potentially unwanted content: Copyright, content policy, spam, trivia, etc
  • Context and detail: Too specialized/technical, off-topic
  • Expand and add: General, diagrams/images
  • Expert needed: Authenticity/verification
  • Time sensitive
  • Contradiction and confusion: Misleading/vague
  • Neutrality and factual accuracy: Dubious, opinion, weasel words, etc
  • Importance and notability: Significance
  • Verifiability and sources: Consistency, absent/broken citations, original research, etc
  • Introduction: Length, vague, complete rewrite
  • Lists, Images (blur, exposure, size, etc)
  • Wiki tech: Wikify, uncategorized, disambiguation, orphans
    • Infobox needed
  • Subject-specific: Fiction, etc
  • Miscellaneous
  • Merges and splits
  • Moving: Articles, sister projects, etc
  • Translations and pronunciations: IPA, etc

Compact Tables of Contents (TOC)

  • Non-Category
    • Alphabetical (A-Z)
    • Numerical (0-9)
  • Category
    • Alphabetical (A-Z)
    • Numerical (0-9)


  • Dynamic lists
  • Incomplete lists
  • Subject or topic lists
  • Disputed content/length

Redirect pages

  • To be placed at the end of the same line as the redirect tag.

Subject matter boxes and diagrams

  • Calendars
  • Court Decisions
  • Diagrams
  • Game and Puzzle layouts
  • Grids
  • Periodic Table


  • Division boxes
  • Userbox holders
  • Multiple columns
  • Image holders

Non article-related namespace[]


  • Policies and non-policies
  • Village Talk


  • Births in Years
  • Deaths in Years
  • More information
  • Categorization of people:
    • Subjective Category Disclaimer
    • Disputed categorisation


  • Contribution Licensing
  • Disclaimer
  • Languages
  • New Page Links
  • Open Tasks
  • Shared IP
  • Wikimedia Licensing

User talk

  • Experimenting and vandalism notices
  • Shared IP notices
  • Spamming notices
  • Three Revert Rule
  • User Talk requests
  • Welcome messages
  • Edit-summary request
  • Minor-edit reminder


  • Featured articles (and candidates)
  • Expansion requests
  • Request Photo/Images
  • Comments
  • Discussion thread tags
  • Free images
  • Translation requests
  • Peer review
  • To Do lists
  • WikiProject notices


  • Copyright status unknown or unverified
  • Creative commons licensed image
  • Fair use claimed
  • Free use image / Semi-free use image
  • Government copyrights (UK, Canada, Poland)
  • GNU/GFDL image
  • Images and media for deletion
  • Image categorization
  • Non-free (copyrighted) image
  • "not an orphan"
  • Public domain image
  • Screenshot

See also: project:Image copyright tags

Related pages for specific types of templates[]

Template:Meta Template:Mediawiki

  • Infobox templates are designed to present summary information about an article's subject, such that similar subjects have a uniform look and in a common format.
  • Country referencing templates are designed to provide a tiny thumbnail of a country's flag next to its hyperlinked name, meant to visually improve lists of nations.
  • The MediaWiki namespace controls interface messages for internal system use, and can only be modified by administrators.
  • Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Spoiler warning for a detailed explanation about how and when to use spoiler warning templates.
  • Userboxes are user information boxes designed for user pages.
  • Wikipedia:Wikipedia:WikiProject user warnings to create a complete, standardised set of user warning templates with full documentation and help pages.

== Wiki templates == The wiki templates are powerful tools for editing Wikia articles. A "wiki template" is a kind of sub-template, and the "Wikipedia Edit Language" uses the notation {{template-name}} for the sub-template reference.

Technical note: "Wiki template references" are embedded on the "Wikipedia Edit Language", as a web template embedded language, using the open {{ and close }} hooks, for enclose the wiki template language syntax, where valid names and valid instructions can be used, like template reference, as {{disambig}}, and conditions, as {{#if:{{{variable_foo|}}} | foo yes |foo is blank }}.

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