Nutshell.png This page in a nutshell:

1. Categories using Time use the same form as those for Space. Pattern is: [thing] of [time measure]

EG: Category:Fashion of the 1890s, not [[Category:1890s fashion]].

2. Use verb forms where possible for the thing described.

EG: Category:Died in 1783, not [[Category:Deaths in 1783]].


This is the category scheme for people, repositories, censuses, and multimedia files which are classified by placenames or Time periods. This scheme is an extension of Genealogy:By location category scheme, to extend the standard beyond space to include time. Only principles unique to Time will be covered in this document. Otherwise, the reader is refered to the the scheme for placenames for guidance on use of prepositions and so on.


Categories of the form [Time period] [object/event] are deprecated, and shall be transformed to the placename scheme's form with event stated first. Verbal forms of events shall be used in place of noun forms where they exist. Example "Died in 1921", not "Deaths in 1921". The new pattern shall usually be [Verbal form of event] in [Time period]. The motivation is to promote an active voice. If verbal forms are too long or clumsy, then it shall be up to the contributor's discretion to choose what in their judgement is the best choice.

Category Redundancy[]

Redundant categorization is the practice of categorizing a page in a category as well as the category's supercat. This practice is deprecated in formal ontologies, but is required in some instances in Genealogy wikia's case. These instances are:

  • Listing events such as births and deaths at both the state level as well as county level (including city level where applicable.
  • Listing things or events at the decade level as well as at the individual year.


Decade naming shall follow the english wikipedia format and shall be referred to by adding "s" to the end of the first year of the decade. EG 1920s.


Naming shall follow the english wikipedia format, using numeric adjective form eg 19th century. BC/AD shall be used to indicate "Before Current" epoch or not.