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For convenience certain non-wiki sites are listed on this page as well. These sites are considered to be of particular utility for genealogists. The objective here is not to provide a comprehensive listing of such sites, but to focus on sites of great utility.

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Related Wikia[]

There are a few (some currently dormant?) Wikia based sites dealing with genealogical types of information, in addition to the Genealogy Wiki.

Individual families[]

General (world-wide or regional)[]

  • Armoriale - an Italian Wikia with an organized collection of (possibly GFDL) coats of arms with blazons (from Italy, France, Sweden, and elsewhere) and their translations. See page list.
  • French genealogy - primarily Quebec; several hundred articles by February 2009 but few since its founder stopped editing then
  • Heraldry Wiki; Site was founded in 2005, but has no substantive content except home page as of 7 August 2010. Someone with an interest in heraldry might consider adopting this orphan site.
  • Peize, Netherlands - a Dutch language town wiki (fairly dormant since its chief historian died in March 2008) with hundreds of pages of genealogical material, some of which has been copied to Familypedia

Central Wikia used to have handy categories that we could check:

Now the best way to find others is a search at Central Wikia.

Other wikis[]

There are several Wiki sites not associated with Wikia. Each offers slightly different approaches to genealogy. The first three are similar to Genealogy, though more rigidly organized, and are focused on family lineages; there is an on going discussion between these sites directed toward a merger. The fourth site is focused on technical topics about genealogy, rather than on laying out specific family relationshps.

Email list about them and us[]

  •; Administrator: Beth Gay of Auburn, Alabama

Other genealogy sites[]

Genealogy is a very popular hobby, and this is reflected in the multitude of genealogical sites present on the web. While these are not Wiki style sites, they provide excellent sources for information that are of use to genealogists. The following is not intended as a comprehensive list of such sites, but as a directory of certain key sites widely recognized for their broad content, and utility. The blurb accompanying each link is taken from the site itself. Some of these sites are free, some are subscription services, some combine both free data and subscription services.

  • Ancestry:Discover your Family Story
  • Cyndi's List: 1996-2006: "Your genealogy starting point online for more than a decade!"
  • FamilySearch [1] The LDS site self described as "The largest collection of free family history, family tree and genealogy records in the world."
  • Family Tree DNA [2] - Collecting DNA information on families
  • Your personal genealogy resources all in one place.
  • RootsWeb: Connecting the World one Gedcom at a Time - the oldest and biggest free genealogy site
  • USGenWeb [3]: Keeping Internet Genealogy Free

The following index comes from

General sites[]

General wikis[]

  • WeRelate - GFDL-licensed, Mediawiki software-based genealogy wiki in partnership with the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States, adhering to the goals of sourcing, collaboration and bringing researchers together to deepen understanding of family history. It is the largest genealogy wiki with pages for over 500,000 people.
  • Genealogy Wikia - This is a place where you can create articles about your ancestors, and easily link them to other articles about where and when they lived.
  • WikiTree - One of the main aims of the WikiTree Project is to provide a central place on the internet for kin information about all people we know ever lived, automatically construct bloodline trees, and watch the gradual emergence of global family forest of humanity.
  • Rodovid - GFDL-licensed, Fast growing international genealogy Mediawiki with over 100,000 personals in 17 language branches.

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